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    Eponymous bodacious blonde of Atlus' puzzle-platforming adventure game, Catherine-with-a-C is the unwitting mistress to protagonist Vincent.

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    Catherine is the eponymous woman of Atlus' action game Catherine. She is twenty-two years of age and is described as having "a charming face and a well proportioned body." Vincent's encounters with Catherine trigger his nightmares, which serve as the game's focus. Catherine apparently does not know about Vincent's relationship with Katherine, as she says something akin to "You better not cheat on me," while having sex with Vincent for the first time.

    In reality, Catherine turns out to be a succubus, being used by the God of the Underworld to expose cheating men, and force them into the horrific game which is often exemplified as the climbing block puzzle. In several of the endings, she and Vincent can end up together, with the "True" ending being the two of them ruling the underworld together. In reality, she did not exist. Normal people can not see her, which is why none of Vincents friends can see her, or why the texts on his phone mysteriously disappear.

    The focus of her design is to be a young and healthy love interest, as a juxtaposition to Vincent's other love interest, Katherine.

    In the English version of Catherine, Catherine is voiced by Laura Bailey. In the Japanese version, she is voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro.


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