Gamestar talks about Catherine's action gameplay.

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Siliconera locates the Catherine listing at Japanese online retailer Gamestar.   
It sounds like a confirmation that its a type of climbing action game with puzzles/(vertical)mazes to solve.
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@endaround:  YOU STOP MAKING ME MORE EXCITED..and possibly terrified at the concept of puzzles and fleeing for my (vincents) life. XD No but seriously thanks for the continued updates.
EDIT: To those who don't have a translator to understand what it says on Gamestar I can give the rough translation thanks to google:
  PS3 version
HD Atlas presents a hard first entry, the title of a completely new shock!
"Persona" The latest adult teams × × horror

● "Catherine" is
P3 · P4-proven, "Persona," the team had their expectations completely new title. "The Animatrix" and "Tekkonkinkreet" and proven in the production of "℃ 4 Studio" and by high quality animation movie, "Hazime Hiroshi Yamadera" "Shirosawa Miyuki" "Mitsuishi Kotono" and other talented actors weave, combining thrilling story of the day, adult entertainment titles ever, is that "Catherine" is.

Vincent and the hero ●, Catherine interwoven stories of two Adarutoteisuto
Daily erode the "nightmare" and "Temptation" and "fear of death "···. "Man can not become an adult 30" unfold between the two beautiful women, "the greatest life hell." The player's main character Vincent, "like a storm a few days of nightmare" and then relive. While the atmosphere has to reproduce the original, lively and successful move. Provides a stunning production.

Vincent influence the fate of every action and choice of more players in this film is divided into several high-end model represented by the next generation of unique, character illustrations drawn by Soejima, multiple end uses. The ending of life can enjoy a variety of Vincent.

From the mysterious monsters 逃Ge切Ri ●, the world survive a nightmare!
The border one day, every night "nightmare" to groan in one's sleep Vincent. There is a huge staircase continued endlessly mysterious, spooky "sheep" we herd the world gather. If you cut the huge staircase that does not wake up alive.

Part nightmare every night is profound but very simple operation very thrilling "action game", and the player to manipulate Vincent, away from the monster mystery looming from downstairs while attacking a variety of stop pretending a calm decision and wisdom while avoiding traps and survive a nightmare for summit aims. Mysterious death of a mysterious incident that occurred in the city, and the truth is. 

Product Name Catherine
Model PlayStation 3
Genre Action Adventure
Release Date Will be released February 17
Price (approx.) \ 7,329
Manufacturers Atlas

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