I finally got around to playing catherine

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#51 Posted by ikwal (240 posts) -

I only got to "enjoy" about one hour of the game before I got so mad at the stupid puzzle game that I broke the disc in half. I normally don't get mad at games but god damn it if those puzzles didn't suck.

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#52 Posted by DonutFever (4033 posts) -

GOTY 2011

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#53 Posted by Ethan_Raiden (373 posts) -

Just played and finished it myself, I started playing it because I'd just finished persona 3 and loved it so I picked it up because it was another Atlus game. I think that they shoul look into dropping gameplay mechanics, the tower in persona 3 was a grind fest and really made the game extremely boring to play through, and the puzzles in catherine just arent fun compared to other puzzle games. I think a story focus game would be best, something like la noire or heavy rain, a few game mechanics but nothing that takes precidence over the story.

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#54 Posted by Godzillakilla (13 posts) -

I loved the hell out of the game. It really got me stoked to see how P5 is gonna play. Still no where near as good as P4 though...

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