Score multiplier exploit ?

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So, finally got Catherine imported, and contrary to what I've been hearing I'm actually enjoying the puzzles aspects of it (so far). I did stumble over a small "glitch" in the system though that sorta ruins the whole thing though. Basically whenever you use the rewind the score multiply-timer resets to full, so you can do a bunch of moves and just before it runs out you rewind, do the last move again and move on from there. You can even use it push the bosses away from you, although you have to repeat a few more moves when you do. It makes the whole urgency-aspect of the game pointless, and makes it really easy to ace the stages if you just have some patience.

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#2 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19836 posts) -

Undo doesn't work on Hard or Babel so the exploit is pretty useless other than getting gold on the Normal stages to get the Babel stages.

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yea, it was really useful for blitzing through and getting gold on all stages in normal, which is useful to then go back and get all endings pretty quickly, but it can get you in some bad habits that'll make hard and babel a pain in the ass

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@Ares42: I'm pretty sure that was intentional since they had ample time to fix and its something you can figure out within 2 seconds of playing.
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#5 Posted by SixtyXCelph (286 posts) -

Aye, it's my guess that it's intentional.  It seems Atlus is more than willing to provide for those of us who don't want to play the block puzzles over and over again and would rather easily Gold the stages then skip them the second playthrough.  For which I am extremely appreciative! (^_^)

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They should have had some sort of counter for "undo usage." I tend to do a lot of stupid things, so mine would be in the hundreds, if not thousands.

Love that undo button.

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#7 Posted by Junpei (806 posts) -

That may have also been added as part of their initial difficulty adjustments. Having not played the initial release I wouldn't be shocked if they added it for accessibility on medium. Having said that I just started the game on Hard and have only gold ranked the first two nights but am really enjoying the challenge of it without the ability to undo. Babel on the other hand is gonna suck, still can't beat Altar.

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