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    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jun 20, 2004

    Based after the film of the same name, which was named after, but not based on, the comic book character of the same name, this tie-in game sees Patience Phillips gain a set of feline superpowers and use them to defeat an evil makeup designer.

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    Catwoman the video game is a third-person action-adventure game, based on the 2004 Catwoman film starring Halle Berry. Catwoman was developed by EA UK and Argonaut Games, the GBA game was developed by Magic Pockets. Catwoman was released on the GBA, PC, Xbox, PS2 and NGC; July 20, 2004 in USA and August 6, 2004 in PAL regions.


    Patience Phillips discovers the dark history of her employer Hedare and is subsequently killed for it. Resurrected by an Egyptian cat, she seeks vengeance upon her former employer with the cat-like powers granted to her along with her new leash on life.


    The gameplay of Catwoman has the player jumping around navigating levels similar to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time; with jumping and climbing puzzles, but is not as well-designed mostly due to the camera controls, which aim for stylish rather than useful which frustrated many reviewers.

    Combat in the game was initiated by tapping the right stick in the direction of enemies to attack them and initiate combos by pressing buttons to modify what the tap does. There is also a "Domination mode" which utilizes slow motion to aid in combat, although combat rarely necessitated its use tactically.


    The game reviewed poorly on most sites, averaging 46% on consoles and PC on Metacritic. Gametrailers have since remarked that "This game will make you want to frown kittens," X-play called it the 3rd worst Gamecube game ever and even Jeff Gerstmann remarked that "most players won't be missing much if they skip this one entirely" also noting that the best feature of the game was its "pretty standard" music as one of its highlights.


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