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    Cazadores are insect creatures found in the Mojave Wasteland during Fallout: New Vegas and its DLC Honest Hearts and Old World Blues.

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    Cazadores are mutated insects often found in large groups throughout the Mojave Wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas. Most common in mountainous regions, they chew on wood fiber and create basket-shaped nests from a paper pulp material. They have distinctive coloring and attack with venom, poisoning their victims immediately and blurring his or her vision. If anti-venom is not applied quickly, death will likely ensue.

    Throughout the game these creatures prove to be one of the most dangerous specimens scattered around the Mohave. Ranged weapons are the way to go when coming into contact with these predators. Powerful, ranged weapons such as the brush gun, sniper rifle, light machine gun are good ways to take them out.

    Cazadores come in a variety of types throughout Fallout: New Vegas and its DLC Honest Hearts and Old World Blues. There are multiple variations including, young, legendary, and giant cazador found only in Utah.

    Cazadores are based on the real world tarantula hawk wasps. The word "cazador" actually means hunter in Spanish.


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