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    Ceaseless Discharge

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    A massive lava creature who is one of the bosses in the Demon Ruins area of Dark Souls.

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    Ceaseless Discharge is a massive demon composed of lava who resides in the Demon Ruins. He guards the unique Gold Hemmed Black Robes armor set found on a corpse next to his location. When the player initially enters the arena for this boss, Ceaseless Discharge is passive and will not appear to acknowledge the player's presence. When players initiate combat or pick up the armor set, Ceaseless Discharge will become hostile. If the player initiated combat and died, Ceaseless Discharge will become passive again; only grabbing the armor set will make him permanently hostile. Ceaseless Discharge is a non-optional boss that must be killed in order to gain access to the lower portions of the Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith.

    Ceaseless Discharge was revealed in a developer interview as the younger brother of the Daughters of Chaos. This explains the reason he spends his time guarding the corpse of the fallen Daughter of Chaos and why he becomes hostile to the player should they take the clothing from her corpse.


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