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Big Boss stumbled across the woman while walking through the jungle of Costa Rica. She claimed to be an ornithologist studying birds in the area when she was captured by Peace Sentinel forces and taken into the custody of Dr Strangelove. In an odd twist, Strangelove treated her kindly, with the promise that she could leave the facility in a month as long as she answered Strangelove's questions and did not try to escape. However, she barely managed to evade the guards in the facility and made it into the jungle. Snake and Kaz are confused as to whether or not Cecile is the "friend" Paz mentioned who got captured by the enemy, but they welcome her to Mother Base all the same.


  • Cecile is based on a real-life person named Cecile who currently works as a communications representative at Konami's European offices in France.
  • In one codec conversation, Kaz mentions that the last two names of Cécile Cosima Caminades could be roughly twisted into Japanese to form "Kojima kami nandesu," or "Kojima is God." Neither Kaz nor Snake know who this Kojima could be.

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