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    Celes Chere

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    A main character of Final Fantasy VI. She is one of the first Magitek Knights and is a former imperial general.

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    Celes is one of the first Magitek Knights, a group of magically and genetically enhanced soldiers for use by the empire. Along with Leo, she is one of the leading generals for the empire. She is accused to be a traitor by the empire, and is captured and tortured in the town of South Figaro. Locke discovers her there, and defeats the guards and saves her. After the daring rescue by Locke, Celes decides to join the Returners, a group of rebels who are fighting against the empire. Though initially many members of the party distrust her, she proves that she is a valuable ally on the Floating Continent, where Kefka gives her a sword and tells her to kill the group.  He says that if she does this, she will be allowed to live. But she decides to turn on Kefka, and attempts to kill him instead. After this fails, she flees along with the rest of the group off the floating continent.
    After Kefka nearly destroys the planet, Celes is the first character to be reintroduced. She had been in a year long coma, and Cid had been tending to her over the course of this year. After choosing to either save Cid or allow him to die, Celes uses Cid's raft to escape his small island. After finding her friends lost after the planet was destroyed, Celes and the group defeat Kefka and restore balance to the world. If the player rescues Locke in the world of ruin, then he and Celes share an ending where Locke saves her from falling off a cliff.

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