A (free) Final Chapter has been released if anyone wants more Celeste

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I think Celeste is one of the most mechanically beautiful games ever made, so I was very pleased to see this come out. The new chapter is, however, utterly and completely ball breakingly hard. So go in puckered.

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It's pretty bloody rough.

It seems to follow a pattern of introducing a new mechanic, having a few screens (maybe 5-6) to really show off the mechanic and then having a long single screen (with binoculars at the start) to really challenge. And then you move on to the next mechanic.

I just got past the "fish" and am working on the "jelly parachute".

I loved Celeste, (was working on getting through all the C-Sides before I fell off) so I'm really enjoying this new expansion.

Great soundtrack as well. The first song kinda reminds me of the Sanctuary Fortress soundtrack from Metroid Prime 2

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Gah, this new chapter is blisteringly difficult. I just finished it, and I was surprised by how long it was (a good 5 hours or so), how consistently tough it was (probably on the level of the C-sides), and how touching the story was (it picks up a few months after the end of the base game). It serves as a really amazing capstone to a really amazing game, and it reminded me of all the things that make Celeste such a work of art.

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#4 Posted by BonelessSpirit (57 posts) -

I love Celeste, but I had my fill with that game doing everything but getting the golden strawberries. Cool to see them still supporting it though.

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#5 Posted by nophilip (688 posts) -

I am the person that absolutely wanted more Celeste. Worked on the new chapter some tonight. It's really neat! I love the jellyfish mechanic a ton (really fun ways they have you abuse it). Stopped for the night after trying to bash my head against wavedashing for a bit and having it just completely kick my ass.

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