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    Center 7

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    The stellar prison in Gemini Rue that wipes inmates' minds. It is under the supervision of The Director.

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    Carved straight into an asteroid, or said to be; Center 7 is a rehabilitation centre hidden in a nebula where people are brought and remodelled. While rehabilitation centres were outlawed and shut down for a while, the confusion of the recent war in the Gemini system has brought Center 7 back and it now has several inmates under strict supervision of The Director. This man surveys all actions in this prison and controls every aspect. It is also here that he orders systematic mind wipes to inmates that have either done something wrong, entered the centre for the first time or completed their final exam.
    Upon entering, a prisoner's mind and identity are wiped and created into something new. From there, he is trained in one of the centres training room, which are located on the fifth floor.  The training rooms have the purpose of shaping new skills in the clean slate of a prisoner's mind, such as firearms training for Delta-Six. After they've received all their training sessions, inmates need to partake in a final exam. When this is completed, they're mind is wiped again, to erase the knowledge of their stay in Center 7, while keeping their new learned skills. A new identity is once more planted in their minds, after which they are shipped off to basically do The Director's bidding; no longer being the person they once were. 
    Inmates can partake in 3 meals a day, if they have a token for the mess hall dispenser. These tokens can subsequently be earned by finishing training session, therefore coercing them to proceed and ultimately succeed in their final exam. This can be a problem for inmates such as Giselle. She's boycotting the final exam, because she doesn't want her mind wiped, but that also leaves her starving with no food. there's a general fight for food supremacy in Center 7 and some inmates such as Epsilon Five get bullied out of their tickets. Even though there are camera's everywhere, it doesn't seem like there's a lot being done about this.

    Floor Plan:

    • 5th Floor: Training rooms
    • 4th Floor: Mess Hall
    • 3rd Floor: Gym
    • 2nd Floor: Living Quarters - Separate for male and female.
    • 1st Floor: Maintenance - The first floor is also the base access floor for all ships and thus also stores more rooms. There's a Hangar Bay, a Reactor, The Director's office and the mind wipe rooms.

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