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    Cerulean City

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    A city of Kanto, in the Pokemon franchise, Cerulean houses the water gym leader Misty. It is the location of Cerulean Cave and the final confrontation with Mewtwo.

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    Cerulean City is the second most northerly city in Kanto, with Pewter City beating it out. The city is located on a sea inlet and can be reached from four different routes - one of only two cities in Kanto with four different routes leading to it, the other being Saffron City. From the north, Route 24 which follows the sea inlet out to Cerulean Cape and Bill's house. From the south Route 5 leads to the Day-Care Centre and Saffron City. Route 4 from Mt. Moon reaches Cerulean City in the west and Route 9 lies to the east, leading to Lavender Town. Places of interest within Cerulean and the surrounding area include the Miracle Bike Shop, the Day-Care Centre and Cerulean Cave. Cerulean City is also home to the water Gym Leader, Misty.

    Generation I/III

    Nugget Bridge on Route 24. One of the rival battles takes place here
    Nugget Bridge on Route 24. One of the rival battles takes place here

    In Generation I/III Cerulean is calm little seaside settlement. Its population is 33, so it is quite small for a city. In game it is referred to as "The Floral Lagoon City". It It is the third city the player visits, and the second Gym battle. The player can receive a Bike here. The creator of the Pokemon Storage System, Bill, is first revealed around Cerulean City. It is also the location of one of the battles against Blue, the player's rival.

    Blue's Team in FR/LG (if the player chose Bulbasaur)

    • Tackle
    • Gust
    • Sand-Attack
    • Quick Attack
    • Tackle
    • Tail Whip
    • Quick Attack
    • Teleport
    • Scratch
    • Growl
    • Ember
    • Metal Claw
    • Miracle Bike Shop

    The Miracle Bike Shop sells bikes produced by the Miracle Cycle company, for the dear price of $1,000,000. It is, in fact, impossible to get that much money in the game. The only way to get the bicycle to visit the Pokemon Fan Club in Vermilion City and listen to the president talk about his Rapidash. The player will then receive a voucher for the bike.

    • Robbed House

    A house in the north-east part of Cerulean City has been robbed when the player arrives. Access to the crime scene is not granted to the player and the entrance is guarded by an officer of the Cerulean Police. Entering the house reveals the building to be in a complete state of disarray. The owner complains that his TM28 Dig has been stolen. The player can recover the TM by defeating the Team Rocket Grunt at the end of Nugget Bridge.

    • Gym Badge Man

    In the north-western part of the City is a building which houses a man who will explain the effect of each of the eight Indigo League badges. For lack of a better location, they are listed below.

    BadgeStat IncreaseObedienceHM
    Boulder BadgeAttackn/aFlash
    Cascade Badgen/aUp to Lv.30Cut
    Thunder BadgeSpeedn/aFly
    Rainbow Badgen/aUp to Lv.50Strength
    Soul BadgeDefencen/aSurf
    Marsh Badgen/aUp to Lv.70Rock Smash
    Volcano BadgeSpecial Attack
    Special Defence
    Earth Badgen/aUp to Lv.100Rock Climb
    • Bill's Sea Cottage
    Cerulean Cape and Bill's Cotage
    Cerulean Cape and Bill's Cotage

    Not part of Cerulean City, but part of the wider are Bill's house is found to the north of the city. After defeating the trainers on Nugget Bridge, the player has access to Bill's Sea Cottage, located at the coast of Cerulean Cape. Bill had a mishap while experimenting with his teleportation device and accidentally got turned into a Clefairy. The player can revert Bill back to his human state and are rewarded with a ticket to the S.S. Anne.

    Cerulean Cave is found just outside of Cerulean City, along the coast of the inlet. Access is denied to all trainers except the very strongest. To prove they are strong enough to be granted access to the cave full of "horribly strong Pokemon" players must first beat the Pokemon League. In Gen III, the player must also restore the Network Machine on the Sevii Islands. While many strong Pokemon can be caught, the main draw is Metwo, who lies in wait at the end of the labyrinthine tunnels. Mewtwo is level 70, the highest level wild Pokemon in the game.

    • Day-Care Centre

    The Day-Care Centre is not found within Cerulean City, but outside along Route 5 leading to Saffron City. This Day-Care Centre, unlike the Day-Care Centre's of Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova only accepts one Pokemon at a time and charges $100 per level gained.

    • Berry-Powder Man

    Berry Powder Man can only be found in Gen III. His house is situated in the north of the city. Berry Powder Man gifts the player a Powder Jar when they first visit him. Using Berry Powder made from crushed berries provided by the player, Berry Powder Man will make medicines the the player can the use on their Pokemon. He will also exchange Berry Powder for rare items.

    • Cerulean City Gym

    Misty is the leader of Cerulean City Gym, the Water Gym. Her title is "The Tomboyish Mermaid!" The gym is set out like an indoor swimming pool, with water in the Gym that players can Surf on and even fish and catch Pokemon in (this was possible up until Pokemon Crystal.) The Gym has two other trainers in it that the player must beat before challenging Misty. Once she is defeated, Misty will award the player with the Cascade Badge and TM11 Bubblebeam in Gen I and TM03 Water Pulse in Gen III.

    Misty's Team in FR/LG

    • Tackle
    • Harden
    • Recover
    • Water Pulse
    • Rapid Spin
    • Swift
    • Recover
    • Water Pulse

    Generation II/IV

    Not a whole lot has changed in Cerulean City between Gen I/III and Gen II/IV. Misty is still the Gym Leader and most of the buildings are present. Cerulean City is the location where the player confronts the Team Rocket grunt who stole the Machine Part that knocked out Kanto's electricity. Restoring the Machine Part to the generator in the Power Plant east of Cerulean allows the player to travel between Johto and Kanto via the Magnet Train.

    • Miracle Bike Shop

    In G/S/C the Miracle Bike Shop has shut down, the owner moving his store to Goldenrod City.


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