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    Cervantes de Leon

    Character » appears in 13 games

    Cervantes is a dual wielding Spaniard swordsman from the SoulCalibur series, an undead pirate who seeks to regain Soul Edge for its unlimited power.

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    As a child Cervantes' father was a sailor for Spain. When his father's ship was destroyed he decided to become a pirate instead of being devoted to one country. As a pirate he received a job from his ammunitions supplier to retrieve Soul Edge. After years of searching, he found the cursed sword in the wreckage of a ship owned by Nathanial Adams' Father. Soul Edge devoured his soul and drove him insane, causing him to slaughter his crew and his entire home port, Velianica. After twenty years many warriors had challenged Cervantes for the great blades, and none had left with much more than their lives, if that. That all changed when the holy warrior Sophitia, and the ninja Taki joined forces to stop the evil sword before it grew too strong. With Cervantes defeated and one of the swords shattered, the two left the port to tend to their wounds. Soon however, a young knight, Siegfried, stumbled upon the aftermath of the battle. As he approached, Soul Edge, desperate, took control of Cervantes' body, lighting it ablaze with hellfire and picking up the two swords once more. But in it's weakened state it was no mach for the knight. Siegfried took up the remaining sword, and was immediately overcome by the power of Soul Edge. Corrupted and driven insane, he had become the azure knight, Nightmare.

    As Nightmare grew stronger, the pieces of Soul Edge still lodged in Cervantes' body, resurrected him, as a pawn for their will. The Soul Edge wanted to be complete, and for that it needed to find Nightmare, and the blade he carried. But Soul Edge was weak, Cervantes had remade as much of the blade as he could with the pieces left in the port town, but he needed more to be strong enough to defeat Nightmare. With this, he set out on a quest for shards of soul edge that had been found and traded until they were scattered around the globe.

    Once Nightmare had retaken Siegried's mind after the duel with Soul Calibur, Nightmare needed to regain power as well. With his blade, he called out to all the pieces of soul edge that had been lost, including Cervantes' half. Now quite powerful, Cervantes decided to let his part of the blade go, and followed it to where Nightmare had been luring all the shards to. Armed with another evil sword from before he found Soul Edge, Cervantes joined the ever increasing mass of warriors out to find Soul Edge.

    Soul Edge Ending

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    Cervantes restored freedom from the disgraceful domination of the evil sword. He became a real owner of Soul Edge. "Hoist the sails, anchors away, prepare for departure! I will mold the world into my vision of paradise!!" His words echoed in the vast emptiness. Suddenly, incredible scenes filled the void. Responding to Cervantes's commands there appeared the mighty fleet, prepared to strike terror into the world with total devastation. And now, the fleet was slowly making headway with there sails well taut by dreadful musky wind...


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