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    Chameleon Twist

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Dec 06, 1997

    Curiosity leads a chameleon, Davey, to follow a rabbit down a magical hole, transforming him into a humanoid form. By making use of Davey's long tongue, travel through various platforming levels to get him back home.

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    Chameleon Twist (カメレオンツイスト Kamereon Tsuisuto) is a 3D platformer for the Nintendo 64 developed by Sunsoft and released in 1997.


    The main conflict of the game is very similar to that of Alice in Wonderland in that the protagonist curiously follows a white rabbit down a hole, which leads them into a magical realm and away from reality. The protagonist in Chameleon Twist is none other than a chameleon, who upon entering the mysterious hole is transformed into a humanoid form (albeit having chameleon characteristics).


    Players can choose from one of four chameleons to play as. However, the trademark character is Davey, the blue chameleon. As you progress through the game, you make your way through six platform filled levels, following the rabbit the entire journey, trying to find a way out of the bizarre world. Platforming in Chameleon Twist revolves around the use of your tongue, which acts as both a way of transportation and attacking. The tongue's powers allow the player to cling onto ledges and poles to advance across platforms and through levels, as well as lets the player attack enemies by grabbing them with the tongue and swallowing them. Or, as an alternative, the player can spit swallowed enemies back out to act as a projectile to eliminate other enemies. Sticking out the tongue also allows the player to control it using the analog stick, letting them curve it as opposed to it always heading in a straight line. Once the tongue reaches to its full length or is blocked by an obstruction, it will retract back into the chameleon's mouth. The tongue can also act similar to a pole used in pole vaulting, letting the player jump over large gaps that would otherwise be impassable.


    Chameleon Twist features two types of multiplayer battle modes, in which (up to) four players play as one of four chameleons. The goal is to knock all of the other players off of the stage by shooting enemies at each other. Multiplayer options include four different difficulty settings, adjustable time lengths, and a choice of four stages for both the Time Trial and Battle Royal modes.

    Battle Royal

    The Battle Royal multiplayer mode sees the players trying to become the 'last man standing' as they attempt to knock each other off of a suspended platform, using their long chameleon tongues.

    Time Trial

    Similar to Battle Royal, Time Trial sees the players trying to knock each other off a suspended platform. The twist in Time Trial mode is that the winner is the player who stays on the platform for the longest amount of time, not necessarily the player who is left standing at the end.


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