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Changpo Baek

Changpo is an excellent pilot. She  noticed by by the G.S.O and recruited for her skills, She is competitive and often looked upon as a nuisance by other members but all of this changed when put in a special unit under Sakurako's command.

Age: 16
Blood type: O
Affiliation: G.S.O


Beak Changpo's Rounder
Beak Changpo's Rounder

Type: Barrage
Name: Citronette (Goddiver)


Main Attack                    X
Sub Attack                     Y
Sweet Roll                     B

Chocolate Topping       Forward, Forward, B
Bitter Swing                    Back, Forward, B
Strap Missile                  Half Circle, B

B.O.S.S.: Main Shot            X
B.O.S.S.: Sub Shot             Y
B.O.S.S.: Cub Control          B

FINAL B.O.S.S.: Cub Attack     Direction, A

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