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    The ultimate enemy and primordial source of all evil. In Warhammer 40,000 and Warhammer Fantasy universe.

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    Chaos is the maelstrom of psychic energy that composes the Warp, or psychic dimension parallel to real space, it is an endless source of spiritual and emotional energy that exists beyond the physical realm. The term Chaos can refer to anything that is associated with this realm of existence and is most often applied to the Gods of Chaos, their followers and worshippers or the warp itself.

    The influence of chaos is physically and spiritually corrupting. Exposure to it will twist the minds of individuals and cause their bodies to mutate horrifically. Rare gifted individuals known as psykers can wield this energy, allowing them to perform feats that defy the laws of physics, but only at great risk to themselves and those around them.

    The Gods of Chaos

    Within the warp there exist four great powers. Each is attuned to and feeds upon a different emotion manifested by sentient beings in the material universe. All four gods work to their own goals, often bringing them into conflict with one another, and attract their own separate legions of followers.

    • Slaanesh - the god of lust, born out of greed, excess and hedonism. Slaneesh feeds upon the perverted ecstasy of sentient beings in the material realm. He attempts to lead individuals down paths of excess and self-corruption. Slaanesh's appearance seems to vary depending on who is viewing, as he changes to suit the viewers concept of perfection.
    • Khorne - the blood god, born out of hate, rage and despair. Khorne feeds upon acts of violence and sends his followers forth to reap death and destruction where ever they may. Khorne is depicted as a mighty-warrior sitting upon a throne of Skulls.
    • Nurgle - Lord of Decay, he embodies disease, morbidity and physical corruption. He feeds upon the despair and hopelessness of those that fall victim to his plagues and corruption. Nurgle is shown as a plagued and bloated humanoid, his corpse rotted, thus embodying decay.
    • Tzeentch - Lord of Change, born of ambition, hope, and the desire for change. Tzeentch is the master of sorcery and feeds upon dynamic mutation and grand, convoluted schemes. As you should expect from one known as the Changer of Ways, Tzeentch's appearance is constantly morphing. He could be shown as a cloud of energy that constantly changes color and shape, or as a horned daemon. Being the Changer of Ways, he could embody whatever he wishes.

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