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    Chardok is the stronghold of the sarnak.

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    Chardok is the stronghold of the unnatural race known as the sarnak. The sarnak were created by the Iksar using arcane magic and are hybrids of dragons and Iksar themselves. They seem to have inherited much of their forebears' traits, as they are ruthless and ferocious in battle, but also possess a certain amount of magical prowess seen in their ranks of shaman and necromancers. In the wars between the Iksar and the Ring of Scale long ago, the sarnak were used as infantry against the dragons by the Iksar. Even though they aided the Iksar greatly in their efforts, the sarnak were considered nothing more than slaves by all but a few in the Iksar empire. Since the end of the war, the sarnak have established their own place on the continent and seek to build their own empire over the ashes of the old ones.


    Located in the northern reaches of the Burning Wood on the borders of the Skyfire Mountains, Chardok is where they have begun their efforts. This underground fortress is easily one of the most dangerous places on the continent of Kunark. Those brave enough to enter the city and lucky enough to return often bring back relics of unimagineable power. Much of the upper levels of Chardok consist of claustrophobic tunnels of dirt and stone, but the deeper into the city one goes, the more wonderous Chardok becomes. Deep within the fortress is a lush castle with beautiful stone walls, marble floors, fine tapestries, a massive library, and all the amenities. The castle, and the sarnak empire as a whole, is ruled by the Di`Zok family. Overking Bathezid has become the target for many upon their epic quests, but some would say that Queen Velazul Di`Zok is the true ruler of the city. Beneath the main part of the city are mines where slaves help provide the raw materials needed in the spreading sarnak empire. In the parts of the city still under construction, which appear to most adventurers as simply a dungeon of twisting tunnels, many dark experiments are being performed by the likes of herbalists and korocusts. Those who have slain enough goblins to earn the sarnak favor though, will be treated by the city's unique selection of herbs, food, and even a bank. Unless one has earned their trust, entering Chardok alone would certainly be unwise.

    Neighboring Zones


    • Brood of Di`Zok
    • Sarnak Collective

    Commerce & Tradeskills

    ShopGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
    The VaultBank
    Haggle Baron Dry`dnFood, Water, Bandages, Potions, BagsJewelry


    Notable NPCs

    • Ancient Guardian
    • Arch Inspector Nibi`zi
    • Battle Master Ska`tu
    • The Bridge Keeper
    • Captain Di`ouz
    • Deathfang
    • Di`zok Runner
    • Drill Master Dih`roul
    • Foreman Ku`lul
    • Foreman Mirt`akk
    • Grand Advisor Zum`uul
    • Grand Herbalist Mak`ha
    • Grand Lorekeeper Kino Shai`din
    • Grave Master Zo`lun
    • Haggle Baron Dry`dn
    • Historian Silren Di`zok
    • Interrogator Gi`mok
    • Kennel Master Al`ele
    • Korocust
    • Korucust`s Courier
    • Loremaster Piza`tak
    • Niblek
    • Observer Aq`touz
    • Overking Bathezid
    • Overseer Dal`guur
    • Prince Selrach Di`zok
    • Queen Velazul Di`zok
    • Royal Sarnak Herbalist
    • Sarnak Collective Auditor
    • Sarnak Investigator
    • Tani Cogswin
    • Underboss Myli`ki
    • Vault Master Shu`zo
    • Watch Captain Hir`roul
    • Watch Sergeant Riz`oul
    • Wraith of a Di`zok Hero

    Notable Items

    • Anklesmasher
    • Argent Defender
    • Argent Protector
    • Baton of Royal Stature
    • Chokadai Hide Pauldrons
    • Cloak of Imperception
    • Courier`s Potion
    • Crypt Master`s Conjuring Stone
    • Darksight Dagger
    • Desiccated Halfling Mask
    • Di'Zok Chain Chestguard
    • Di'zok Imperial Katana
    • Di'Zok Leather Chestguard
    • Di`zok Oracle Shillelagh
    • Di'Zok Plate Chestguard
    • Di`zok Sceptre of Authority
    • Di'Zok Warrior Emblem
    • Di'Zok Warrior Totem
    • Di'zok Wristsnapper
    • Earring of Blazing Energy
    • Earring of Everfount
    • Earring of Twisted Leaves
    • Earring of Woven Bark
    • Edge of Cabilis
    • Engraved Di'Zok Deathbringer
    • Fester
    • Fine Velvet Mantle
    • Girdle of Flayed Iksar
    • Girdle of Rapidity
    • Golem Tear Ring
    • Guard Captain's Mallet
    • Hammered Golden Hoop
    • Hardened Bone Spaulders
    • History of the Di`zok
    • Iksar Hide Cape
    • Iksar Hide Manual
    • Imperial Wardog Collar
    • Incarnadine Boots
    • Incarnadine Breastplate
    • Incarnadine Greaves
    • Incarnadine Helm
    • Inlaid Jade Hoop
    • Insignia Protector
    • Intricate Silver Rapier
    • Jade Inlaid Crescent Axe
    • Jagged Blade of Mourning
    • Jeldorin
    • Nathsar Bracer
    • Nathsar Breastplate
    • Nathsar Helm
    • Nathsar Leggings
    • Nathsar Vambraces
    • Oakleaf Scimitar
    • Overseer`s Signet
    • Palladium Axe
    • Perserved Chokidai Vocal Cords
    • Polished Shai`din Naginata
    • Researcher's Quill
    • Ring of Di`Zok
    • Ring of Stealthy Travel
    • Sarnak Backstabber
    • Sarnak Battle Shield
    • Sarnak Claw Earring
    • Sarnak Devastator
    • Sarnak Earring of Station
    • Sarnak Hide Boots
    • Sarnak Lightning Caller
    • Sarnak Prayer Beads
    • Sarnak Skullsplitter
    • Shai`din Revenant Bauble
    • Shard of Night
    • Slick Leather Courier`s Cape
    • Stained Cloth Mask
    • Stave of Shielding
    • Symphonic Saber
    • Tattered Flesh Veil
    • Tribal War Boots
    • Vibrating Gauntlets of Infuse
    • Vibrating Hammer of Infuse
    • Water Sprinkler of the Forgiven
    • Worn Crescent Axe
    • Worn Shai`din Naginata
    • Writ of Di`zok

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