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    Charlie Jolson

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    A ruthless gangster, who's ruled the East End for over two decades, now has DC Carter and Mark Hammond at his heels.

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    Charlie Jolson is the leader of the Bethnal Green Mob, an organised gang based in London. Jolson is an old-fashioned gangster, with sharp suits and fine Cuban cigars. His crew are getting on in their years, but they make up for this with their ruthlessness. Jolson lives in a fancy mansion in the Mayfair area of London, near Hyde Park. Jolson also has a son, Jake. He is grooming his son to take on the leadership of the gang in the future, when he is no longer able to do so himself. 


    Charlie Jolson is the leader of the Bethnal Green Mob, and is responsible for the kidnapping of Mark Hammond's son, and the shooting of his wife. These actions drive Hammond to pursue Jolson's gang and seek out his son. However, he is captured and forced to comply to what Charlie wants, or his son dies. Charlie uses Mark to turn all the gangs in London against both each other, and against his own gang. This is all so the gang leaders fall into his masterplan. He plans to invite the leaders aboard his boat, the Sol Vita to arrange a truce. However, the plan is to detonate the boat and kill all the main leaders instantly.
    As the story goes on, not only does Mark Hammond want to remove Charlie Jolson, DC Frank Carter joins this plan in the hope of cleaning up the city. Between the two men, the plan is to deal with Charlie Jolson once and for all. However, Jolson's plan goes ahead and he invites the gang leaders to the boat. The ambush is sabotaged, and Jolson pulls out a bomb, before preparing to kill himself to deal with all the other gangs. It is unknown if this was all part of the plan or if he was planning to escape the bomb. Regardless he dies aboard the Sol Vita.
    Charlie Jolson is an extremely patriotic Englishman, almost to the point of institutionalized racism. This can be evidenced by some of his quotes in the game. 


    "It's time for Englishmen to stand up for what it is to be English. Fuck the Euro, the fox and the 'ounds, Bobby Moore and the 'ammers. Two World Wars, One World Cup. Feet and inches, pounds and ounces. Beer and Cockles down the Mile End Road." 

    Said aboard the Sol Vita, during the final mission of the game. This is before he pulls out a bomb. 


    • During one of the final cutscenes in the game, you see Jolson's Bentley speeding off. This is the only time you can see a Bentley in any of The Getaway games.

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