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    Charlie is an male army lieutenant, as well as a friend and mentor to Guile. He is known as Nash by his (various) hairstylists.

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    Although Charlie was first introduced as a playable character in Street Fighter Alpha he has been part of the series backstory since Street Fighter 2 where he was introduced as Guile's deceased war buddy. Guile's reason for entering the second world warrior tournament was to avenge Charles death at the hands of M.Bison. Charlie doesn't like Shadaloo.

    Fighting Style

    Charlie preforming a flash kick
    Charlie preforming a flash kick

    Charlie's fighting style in the Alpha series is very similar to Guile's, he uses many of the same attacks including the Sonic Boom and the Flash Kick, although he has a slightly different technique (for example he only uses one hand when throwing a sonic boom). The backstory states that it was Charlie who taught Guile his techniques which explains the characters similarity.

    Endings (spoilers)

    Street Fighter Alpha

    • Non-canon

    After defeating Bison, Charlie calls to his base to take the drug lord into custody. Charlie has trouble getting through when Bison springs up and kills him. Bison leaves knowing he can full well control the army.

    Street Fighter Alpha 2

    • Canon

    Charlie defeats Bison and interrogates him over his connections with the top brass. Suddenly, Charlie's backup helicopter turns on him and riddles him with bullets. He falls losing his dog tags. When Shadaloo troopers wish to confirm the death, Bison assures that Charlie did not survive the fall.



    Appearing in various Capcom/Street Fighter vs. games, Shadow appears as a blacked-out version of Charlie, not unlike Mortal Kombat's Noob Saibot. Shadow has psycho-power inspired special moves in addition to Charlie's moveset. His super combo is the Final Mission.


    • In one of Guile's original Street Fighter 2 win poses he holds up Charlie's dog tags.
    • Charlie is unique in that in almost every Alpha game he dies during his own ending sequence, despite this he has always been brought back for the sequels.
    • In the anime series Street Fighter II V, his appearance is inspired by French actor Jean Reno.
    • In the live-action film released in 1994, Blanka is a Brazilian named Carlos Blanka, his nickname is Charlie and he is friends with Guile da A.N, he is a composite character of Blanka and Charlie Nash. This version appears in Street Fighter: The Movie and the Street Fighter animated series, both released in 1995.


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