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    Charme is a playable adventurer in Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

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    Describing herself as a 'berk' (slang for 'affable idiot'), Charme is an alcoholic bandit who robs adventurers in dungeons, at least until she is defeated in the final floor of the Jade Way dungeon. She becomes an adventurer for hire after a couple of events where she chats with Recette in the Recettear item shop. Charme can be frequently found drinking heavily in the town pub, and is apparently a fan of the book 'Booze of the World', which comes with a free sample in every issue.
    In-game, she fights with daggers and can create a temporary copy of herself, which can be used to deal double damage on large enemies or fight from a longer range as her clone is immune to damage. She can also parry attacks and detect which treasure chests are traps.  When sufficiently leveled-up she can set sticky traps and perform a fiery dash attack.


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