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Cheep Cheeps are fish that swim in the waters of the Mushroom Kingdom. They made their first appearance in Super Mario Bros and have since then been a mainstay of the series. While they live in the water, some are able to sprout wings and glide through the air like flying fish. Throughout the series, their method of attack has remained consistent, which is to collide with Mario in any way possible.


Big Bertha

Big Bertha, ready to eat Frog Mario
Big Bertha, ready to eat Frog Mario

Big Bertha is a jumbo-sized cousin of Cheep Cheep that appeared in Super Mario Bros 3. They pursue Mario more relentlessly than normal Cheep Cheeps, usually chasing him on platform levels that are within a rising and falling tide. Big Berthas are unique enemies in that they can deliver a one-hit kill by swallowing Mario whole. They can be taken down with fireballs, hammers, or a tail-attack from the Racoon or Tanooki suits.

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