Is Chell "Still Alive?"

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Obviously, this contains Portal spoilers. :P

At the end of Portal, GLaDOS and chell explode out of the top of the building, leavin only a pile of rubble.  The player is still in first person view, so we do not see Chell's body to know whether or not she survived.  Though I know many disagree with me, I am a firm believer that Chell is dead.  I have two basic reasons.  First, at the end of the game the camera is tilted and immobile, just like the way it is any time you die in Portal or any other Half-Life game.  Secondly, the lyrics to still alive imply it:  "while you're dying I'll be still alive (implying that Chell is currently in the process of dying and GLaDOS is still alive)... and when you're dead I will be still alive."  These seem to be GLaDOS gloating over Chell's dying body. 
Of course we don't have a definite answer to this question, but I'm convinced Chell died at the endo f the game.  What do you think?

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#2 Posted by fuzzay (222 posts) -

I agree. It could go either way since nothing is known, but just the way the game closed out leaves me to believe that Chell died.

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didn't someone say that chell was an android in an interview or something because if she was an android that would explain how she survived

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When I suggested that perhaps being rocketed out of the top of a building and landing straight on concrete ground might have killed Chell to my friends, they looked at me like I was insane. The events of the game suggest that Chell is dead but GLaDOS's song seems to refer to Chell dying in the future tense, not in the past or present, which means that it doesn't neccessarily hint at Chell's death. Also considering that we will be seeing Portal: Still Alive on the 360 there's not a 100% chance that Chell will return but there is still quite a chance that we'll see the same protagonist face off against GLaDOS again. I'm a little sceptical of the clone or android theory as well. Overall I'd say the chance that Chell is actually dead is probably 50/50.
Edit: Okay, looks like we didn't actually see any hint of plotline in Portal: Still Alive, but I still say chances are about 50/50 on Chell being alive.

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Chell is definitely still alive.  When we see her view of the outside (even though she is laying motionless) we hear that bird-twittering sound they use in the old Looney Tunes cartoons when a character gets knocked over the head but is still alive.  I don't think the sound was meant for GLaDOS, and it was too light-hearted and comic to accompany the death of the player's character.  Also we know GLaDOS was still alive way down deep in the underground complex because the previous clip showed the camera zooming down and all her eyes blinking on.  GLaDOS's song says that Chell left her but GLaDOS is happy inside, and that GLaDOS doesn't envy Chell in the outside world.  GLaDOS seems to struggle with reality and sincerity and I doubt she even knows what they really are.  If GLaDOS's song seems overly pleased with her success then I think it is just her constant self-deluding optimism!

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I'm guessing it could go either way. 

You could interpret her falling to her side as not landing on those compressors, meaning a likely fatal fall and a pretty dark ending that actually fits the black humor of the game pretty well.  That's also supported by the way she sort of fades out at the end.

But the ending song gives you the impression that GLaDOS knows she lived, and is chuckling to herself that life outside isn't better.  I think the implication is that there may be some form of the Half-Life universe out there, but I'm not sure they felt the need to develop that beyond the Black Mesa reference, which would definitely not be enviable.'

The clone/android theory is interesting and supported by some of the events in the game, but I think all the definite proof is in apocryphal stuff, so it's still up in the air.  It'd be unlike VALVE to spill the beans so early! :)

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#7 Posted by OhdK (208 posts) -
@ahoodedfigure: Bungie?? It's Valve that made the game--Bungie made Halo
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#8 Posted by ahoodedfigure (4568 posts) -
@OhdK: Holy crap, thanks for smacking me upside the head :)
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@ahoodedfigure: It happens to the best of us
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I've got a feeling that she's still alive. Didn't she have those shoe things which lessens impact of drops from large heights, that's why she didn't get hurt from falling down in any of test chambers.

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#11 Posted by NoDeath (860 posts) -
@mracoon said:
" I've got a feeling that she's still alive. Didn't she have those shoe things which lessens impact of drops from large heights, that's why she didn't get hurt from falling down in any of test chambers. "
Yeah, but she didn't exactly land on her feet. However I personally think she's alive. I hope for an appearance from her in ep 3. Maybe she could give you the portal gun.
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i wonder if she will reconize gordon freeman since he is her cousin

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Yes, i think. in the combineover wiki (The half life wiki) it says that she survived the explosion. in my opinion though, shes probably a gonner. I f she survived that blast, she would have BARELY survived.

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@skylinepigeon: I won't believe it until I see it on game theory. That is also simply not enough proof. I believe that Chell escaped and that she is not dead

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Err, why was this bumped? There is a sequel that has been out for years that has rendered this topic moot.

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@epikrocket: Really? You don't believe that Chell survived the events of the first game? Then what was the second game? A dying dream?

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When you spot a 6 year old thread. Leave it alone.


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