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    Chen Gong

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    A figure of the late Han Dynasty known for his service as an advisor and strategist to Lu Bu.

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    Chen Gong was a figure of the late Han Dynasty of ancient China, and who also made an appearance in the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. He originally served under the warlord Cao Cao, but later chose to defect and serve Lu Bu as an advisor; the position for which he is best known. Chen Gong was ultimately executed in 198 following the defeat of Lu Bu's forces to Cao Cao's own at the siege of Xiapi.

    In Video Games

    Dynasty Warriors

    Chen Gong has appeared in the Dynasty Warriors series starting with Dynasty Warriors 4, though it wasn't until Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends that he was made a playable character with a unique appearance. He fights using war scrolls as his EX weapon. In terms of personality, he is depicted as an intelligent strategist with the facade of a fool.

    Though he is hopeful that working with the powerful Lu Bu will lead to great things, it eventually becomes apparent that Lu Bu has little interest in the strategies that Chen Gong concocts. Lu Bu's tendency to favor brawn over brains leads their force into one perilous situation after another, until they are finally captured by Cao Cao at Xiapi. Frustrated by Lu Bu's unwillingness to listen to his plans, when Cao Cao offers Chen Gong the chance to work under him once more, he instead chooses to be executed.


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