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    One of the many characters in the Touhou Project, she is a Nekomata and the guardian of Ran Yakumo.

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    Chen is a Nekomata, and the Shikigami of Ran Yakumo. During the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom, she was guarding the village of Mahoyiga, although there wasn't much she could do as her powers were limited due to her being too far away from her master. Later on, however, during the Extra Stage, she guards the path to Ran, and this time, she is much more powerful due to being in close proximity of her master.

    She has dark orange eyes and brown hair, and wears a red and light pink outfit with gold trimming, as well as a green hat. She has cat ears, one of which has a gold earring in it, as well as two tails.


    • Chen's name, "橙", can literally be translated into "bitter orange". All of the Yakumo family are named after colours.
    • Widely known as THE BLACK CAT OF ILL OMEN

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