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    The Chenjesu are an alien race from the Star Control series. They are a silicon-based, crystalline species.

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    Originating from the planet Procyon II, Chenjesu have no natural prey or predators, subsisting entirely on electrical energy, which they can also discharge at will.  They possessed great intellect and very advanced technology, though they were still no match against the powerful Ur-Quan.
    Chenjesu are naturally non-hostile to other races, fighting only when absolutely necessary. They are passionate about the pursuit of knowledge and are known for being good explorers, as well as having great interest in philosophy.

    They have now fused with the robotic  Mmrnmhrm , creating a new hybrid race known as the Chmmr. Apparently, their goal was to create a race capable of finding a way to defeat the Ur-Quan.


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