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Cheren is of one of the rival trainer to the protagonist in the Pokemon Black/White versions in main game series. Cheren is a personal childhood friend to the protagonist of Pokemon Black and White and Bianca. Cheren is shown to reflect studious actions and often chides Bianca on her constant tardiness.


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Like the protagonist and Bianca, Cheren retrieves his starter Pokémon from Professor Juniper as a parting gift to venture off into adventure at the start of the game. He selects the starter with the type advantage over the protagonist's own starter. (Oshawott/Snivy, Snivy/Tepig, Tepig/Oshawott).

The Purrloin lineage is signature to his team. Encounter battles with Cheren are frequente. And his journey is set parallel to the player's adventure.

Cheren becomes the Basic Gym leader two years after Pokemon Black and White.

Special Appearances

Pocket Monsters Legendary Encounters

Cheren is the protagonist's friend and journeys parallel to him on his adventures.

Cheren's preferring starter Pokemon is Snivy.

Pokemon Master Black & White

Cheren has a bonding friendship between the protagonist and Bianca. Cheren is exuberant on Pokémon terminology and technique while is not hesitant to tell the protagonist do so other wise. He prides in his experience but may cloud over the other characters by being outspoken. The impression of being knowledgeable set him in par with being left unguarded for tactics of battle strength. Cheren is the driving force behind the adventure, deciding for the trio to head off into a Pokémon adventure alongside one another to master the skill of Pokemon battling.

Cheren is present in the flashbash along side the protagonist and Bianca, requesting their starter Pokemon of the Unova Region with their wise standard of selection.

Pokemon Adventures

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Cheren is the sixteenth main character of the manga series Pokemon Adventures. Cheren is one of the entrusted Pokemon Trainers with the Pokédex. He is friends with Black and Bianca is well acquainted with Professor Juniper.

In Pokemon Adventures, Cheren and Bianca break pattern set by the game series, with Cheren selecting the starter with a weakness to the protagonist's rather than the strength against theirs.


Cheren's name derives from the Slavic root word, ( чёрн / čéren), meaning 'Black'.

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Despite the current stance that Bianca has had several appearances within the Anime series, Cheren has yet to have an appearance.

Fun Facts

  • Cheren, Bianca, and N are the only Pokemon Trainers in Pokémon Black and White with sprite animation.
  • His Italian name, Komor, was used as the male protagonist's name the Pokemon B/W demoing was in release.
  • Cheren notably makes certain that the protagonist's Pokémon are healed before most battles.

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