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Cheria Barnes is Asbel Lhant's childhood friend and granddaughter of the Lhant household's head butler, Frederick. She hopes that she could become useful to the Lhant family as best as she can. Cheria's parents passed away when she was young; as a result, she was raised by her grandfather. As a child, Cheria was inflicted with a congenital disease which caused her to become exhausted if she overexerted herself. Cheria is gentle and caring to others; often times she would be the mother figure of the party.  She has a crush on Asbel but cannot convey her feelings to him.
In Battle 
Cheria uses throwing daggers in battle. Despite immense controversy to Cheria's battle style, she is an invaluable member to the party. While being a non-playable character seven years prior to the main story, Cheria received training (presumably from her grandfather, Frederick) in both fighting artes and healing magic during that period. Cheria, while having low attack strength due to poor weapon balance, has base stats on par with Asbel and compensates with a speedy and agile fighting style. Her ranged fighting style allows her to pressure the enemy from long range. Thanks to the low recovery time of her ranged artes, she can move right after hitting the target, allowing her to hit and run the enemy while being able to wear their health down. Her A arte style all have high critical hit ratios when the appropriate titles are mastered. Cheria's also excels at crowd control; while her attacks might be ineffective against smaller, single targets, Harvest and Thunderbolt  allows her deal heavy damage to big opponents or spread  damage to multiple enemies. Freeze Rain has unlimited range and it always hits the enemy regardless where they are on the battlefield; as a bonus, it may lower the Attack and Defensive stats of the contacted enemy. Cheria's multiple hit attacks such as Infinite also has the benefit of allowing her to activate Tension more easily than other characters.
Her B arte style involves holy magic, which includes offensive light magic, healing magic, offensive and defensive buffs. Her offensive light magic consists of Lightning elemental spells, which allows her to break the aura that Undead classed enemies can produce. Religious, her starting spell, involves a lightning bolt which strikes the enemy. Although weak at first, it has a short casting time and can be damaging as Cheria gains more stats. Flash Tear and Lightning Blaster has large range and can strike multiple enemies at once, dealing heavy damage to multiple enemies. Her high level spells Divine Saber and Virtuous Ray, deal extremely heavy damage and hits to any afflicted enemy. Virtuous Ray, along with the A arte Reiki (when certain titles are mastered) has the ability to be able to deal a Fatal Strike to any opponent that has a lower level than Cheria, making her one of  three characters in this game to have such attacks. Her healing magic consists of area of effect spells, such as Pixie Circle, Faerie Circle, Healing Circle, Nurse and Revitalize. Her healing spells also include Remedy and Recover to heal status effects. Her buff spells such as Insight involve boosting Accuracy and Evasiveness, both are determining factors in which how often critical hits are dealt and reflecting on her style of fighting. 
Cheria's passive title skills also augment her battle prowess. With Piggyback Damage, Cheria can take received damage and transfers it to her next attack, making her one of three characters to have this skill. This allows her to stack up damage quickly and when combined with her healing magic, can make her a terror on the battlefield. Piggyback Damage is also one of the methods to defeat Rock Gagan, an optional super boss, in one shot. With Reiki, and Virtuous Ray's Fatal Strike ability, Cheria is the only character in the game with both methods to kill Rock Gagan quickly. Cheria's Rhythm title skill allows the player to continually press the B button in order to reduce her spell's casting time. Combined with the CC style shift system, she can effectively reduce the casting time of her higher tier skills to 1/4 of it's original casting time.
Asterism Line
Asterism Line
Cheria's Blast Calibers (also known as Mystic Artes), mostly consists of multiple hits backed up with hefty damage. Her first Blast Caliber, Asterism Line, has the highest amount of maximum hits out the first level Blast Calibers of the entire party. Innocent Garden, her second Blast Caliber, deals only one hit, but covers the entire battle field with radiant energy, dealing heavy damage and healing all allies, dead or alive, to full health. Innocent Garden also leaves the enemy with a prolonged stun time, allowing combos to be easily performed after the attack. Her third Blast Caliber, Hyakkaryouran, combines both of Cheria's beauty and grace in a stunning throwing knife show in a Za Waurdo fashion, inflicting deadly damage and dealing the most hits out of all of the level three Blast Calibers the party possesses (30 hits are guaranteed, but up to 60 hits maximum) .
Cheria is shown to be quite feisty and tomboyish as a child, often following Asbel around despite her weak composition. Cheria has a deep crush on Asbel. When she first met Sophie, she was jealous of the attention that Asbel was giving her and declares Sophie her rival. However, Cheria is also alone, having lost both her parents and raised by her grandfather. At the prologue's end, Cheria begs Asbel not to run away, showing that she is concerned with Asbel's well being as well as not wanting to be alone. Despite her pleas, Asbel left Lhant, leaving a letter of apology.
During the seven year skip between the present and the prologue, Cheria grew cold and distant from her friends. It is later realized that Cheria always had trouble expressing how she felt about others. Despite this, she is warmhearted and motherly towards the cast, often times treating Sophie as a little sister. Eventually, Cheria grew close to Sophie, being protective of her and becoming close friends.
Chera's feelings towards Asbel have not changed despite their separation. Although she treats him like he is a child, she genuinely cares for him. However, she does not know how to express this to him. Through Cheria's piano sidequest, it is revealed that Cheria and her departed mother shared the same problem. Cheria's mother did not know how to express her love towards Cheria's father; instead, she conveyed it through music. Cheria then plays the same piano piece that her mother wrote to her father to Asbel. Despite this, she still is not able to pick up the courage to tell Asbel how she feels. However, their relationship is hinted throughout the game. During the kidnapping episode, Cheria let her buried feelings surface and she and Asbel reconciled their differences, both blushing when Sophie made them both hold hands. Asbel's relationship to Cheria is also hinted during the scene before the final battle, when he overheard Barry and Raymond proposing to Cheria. He asked her what was Cheria doing after the fight and teased her as everyone's angel. In the end, it is hinted that Cheria married and gave birth to Asbel's child, with the epilogue showing a child resembling Asbel's facial features with pink hair, brown eyes, and Cheria's brooch on his sweater.

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