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    Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild Quest

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1992

    The second 16-bit game featuring Cheetos' mascot Chester Cheetah. A game that teaches us all about life, liberty, and the health benefits of orange, cheese flavored puffed corn treats.

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    Chester Cheetah: Wild Wild West is the second of two games for the Super Nintendo and Genesis based on the radical feline Cheetos mascot Chester Cheetah. Like the first, Too Cool to Fool, Wild Wild West is a side-scrolling platformer that pits Chester Cheetah against his old nemesis Mean Eugene the zookeeper as well as various other less-than-cool humans and animals. He can collect one-use items that will help him survive, and the player can determine which stage he visits next via a map of the USA.


    Well, it finally happened. Chester Cheetah escaped captivity at the zoo and was cruising down the road on his awesome motorcycle following his map to Hip City. Suddenly, Mean Eugene stole his map, ripped it to pieces, and scattered them across the United States. He needs to recover all the pieces by travelling the breadth of the continent, avoiding Mean Eugene all the while. Because, after's not easy being cheesy.


    Chester on the way to 7-Eleven for some Cheetos
    Chester on the way to 7-Eleven for some Cheetos

    The gameplay in Wild Wild Quest is fairly different than its prequel. The mechanics and sprites are completely redone and, in most cases, of much higher quality. For example, the artists went through the trouble to put shading on things.

    Now that he's out of the zoo Chester has decided to add a bit of pep to his walk and goes at about twice the speed that he did in Too Cool to Fool. Chester can also dash without the need for a power-up and perform super jumps. Chester is a fragile kitty though and will die after one hit if he isn't carrying a bag of Cheetos Brand Crunchy Cheese Flavored Snacks.


    Levels are selected from a level select screen modeled on a US map. The player chooses a starting level and from there can choose from the level to the left or right of the level they just played.

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    In each level Chester must find the map piece before the timer runs out. Once the map piece is found Chester has to find his way to the "GOAL" sign at the end of the level. Each level has a bizarre boss fight after the player reaches the goal.

    • Euphreaka: Located in Northern California this beachy level is filled with palm trees, vultures and a very angry fat beach lady.
    • Quakers-Field: This Californian town is filled with orchards, junked cars and buildings of questionable sturdiness.
    • Omahog: A farm level based in Nebraska.
    • Lostin: This town in Massachusetts is filled to the brim with water, pirates and ships.
    • Numb: Chester makes his way up north to Alaska to slide around on the ice and enjoy the auroras.
    • Wall Up: New Mexico's finest sombrero'd cacti watch as Chester runs through this desert.
    • Little Shock: Chester must navigate his way through this power plant in the heart of Arkansas.
    • Un-Clearwater: Will Florida's swamps thwart Chester's need for a map piece?
    • Not-So-Great-Falls: Lots of hyphens don't keep this mountainous Montana level down.
    • Rally: Once Chester gets all of the map pieces he makes his way to North Carolina to beat Mean Eugene in a NASCAR race. This is less of a level and more of a final boss stage.


    It's almost like this game is an ad for Cheetos or something...
    It's almost like this game is an ad for Cheetos or something...
    • Cheeto Paw: Levels are filled with Cheeto paws of all sizes. Although they are counted, they don't give you any extra lives, just lots of points.
    • Bag of Cheetos: Unlike Too Cool to Fool, this game actually contains Cheetos. If Chester is carrying a bag of these he won't die when he gets hit by an enemy.
    • Map Piece: One in each level, Chester needs this to finish a level.
    • Friend Icon: There are several icons in each level representing one of Chester's animal friends. They give you points.

    Critical Reception

    When the SNES version was released Electronic Gaming Monthly issued the following scores 6,9,8,8 stating, "...Great animations, especially the guitar playing, along with a decent quest and a lot of different levels to keep the game rockin'. A definite winner".


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