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Chester is one of the first characters the player meets in Shining Force II. He is a schoolmate and friend to Bowie, the main character. While more timid than Sarah, voicing concerns in following your teacher Sir Astral into Granseal castle, Chester does decide to go with the group and investigate the situation.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Chester stacks up equally with the other centaur characters that join the Shining Force. Centaurs have a strong movement range when travelling over easy terrain but are quickly bogged down in terrain such as forests, hills or sand. One of the strongest benefits of Chester in the early game is his ability to equip both lances as well as spears. This allows him to attack in melee range as well as from a square away. This flexibility allows Chester to participate in more battles and give space around enemies for more limited fighters.

Chester, along with other knight characters, is presented with a choice when it comes to promotion. He can be promoted to the standard Paladin class, or if the player chooses to wait until later in the game when the "pegasus wing" item is obtained, Chester can be promoted to the Pegasus Knight. This is a large upgrade which allows Chester to fly, further enhancing his already strong mobility.


Pre-Promotion: Knight (KNTE)


  • Paladin (PLDN)
  • Pegasus Knight (PGNT) with the Pegasus Wing

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