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    Chewbacca is the most prominent member of the Wookiee species in the Star Wars universe.

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    Chewbacca is a Wookiee, born on the planet Kashyyyk, and co-pilot of the legendary ship the Millennium Falcon with Han Solo. He was born to Attichitcuk, and married to Mallatobuck who gave him a son, Lumpawaroo. Part of Chewbacca's (or Chewie to his friends) name comes from the ancient Wookiee hero, Bacca, the first Wookiee chieftain.

    Chewbacca was born and raised on the planet Kashyyyk by his father Attichitcuk. At a very young age he was renowned for his skill at moving through the huge wroshyr trees that covered the Wookiee planet, as well as his uncanny ability to fix almost anything mechanical. He also grew up with Mallatobuck, who would later become his wife, although he was somewhat oblivious to her feelings toward him for quite some time. However, his cousin Jowdrrl was able to start a relationship between the two.

    Up to a couple years before the Battle of Naboo, Chewie lived with his family on Kashyyyk, and there he and his father built many of the tree villages that scattered the planet. However, the grudge of another Wookiee family on the planet quickly drove Chewie to leave, though he did return during the Clone Wars when the Seperatist threat to his planet was made, and he fought along side Tarrful and the Jedi Master Yoda during the Seperatist attack. After the battle, when Order 66 had been given, Chewbacca was instrumental in smuggling the Jedi Master to safety.

    Shortly after the battle at Kashyyyk, Imperial forces came to the planet to search out a couple of the Jedi survivors of Order 66. Chewie and several other Wookiees tried to hide the Jedi the stormtroopers, who were led by Darth Vader. Ultimately, they failed, and as a result of his aiding the fugitives, Chewbacca became wanted by the Empire. The Wookiee planet of Kashyyyk would quickly be occupied and it's residents enslaved as a result of their treason in helping the Jedi that were hiding on the planet. Chewie wandered the galaxy afterward, helping to free as many Wookiee slaves as he could along the way, however during one such attempt he was captured by Imperial forces and forced into slavery himself.

    While he was enslaved, a young Imperial lieutenant by the name of Han Solo actually saved his life when an officer was beating him, nearly to death. As a result, Chewie escaped and Solo was thrown out of the academy. Chewie quickly swore a life-dept to Solo for saving his life, and the two went on to become partners and completely inseparable. Han quickly got into the smuggling business, and Chewie followed him. The duo's exploits went on to become the things of legend, especially after Solo acquired the ship, the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian in a card tournament. With the help of Chewbacca's mechanical expertise, the two turned the Falcon into the "fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy".

    During the Galatic Civil War, Solo and Chewie took on a job to transport the Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker to the planet Alderaan. The planet had been destroyed by the Empire by the time they got there, and they ended up helping Kenobi and Skywalker rescue Princess Leia Organa from the space station that destroyed it, the Death Star. They would later go on to have a hand in destroying the Death Star and, due mostly to Chewbacca's altruistic nature and against Han's will, joining the Rebel Alliance. They would go on to become leaders within the Rebel Alliance, and instrumental in overthrowing the Empire.

    After the Imperial attack on the Rebel base on Hoth, Han, Chewie, and Leia were captured by Darth Vader in an attempt to draw Luke Skywalker out of hiding, and Han was frozen in carbonite and given to the bounty hunter Boba Fett as the price for his helping Vader track them down. For a couple years after, Chewie worked with the old owner of the Falcon Lando Calrissian, searching for Han across the galaxy. When they later found him in the palace of Jabba the Hutt on the planet Tattooine, they used him as a bargaining chip to get inside of Jabba's palace to rescue Han. The rescue was successful, and Chewie and Han were reunited and went on fight in the Battle of Endor where the Rebel Alliance destroyed the second Death Star. Chewie showed great bravery and displayed keen battle tactics during the Battle of Endor. At one point he and a trio of Ewoks hijack a AT-ST and uses it against the other walkers patrolling the area, turning the tide of the battle. 

    Chewie stayed with Han for the rest of his life, sticking with him through quite a few adventures and battles. Chewie was very close to the Solo family. He was Han and Leia's lifetime friend, and something of an uncle to their children. On the outset of the Yuuzhan Vong war, the first planet that the Vong attacked was were Chewie's life ultimately ended. The Vong had a weapon that was capable of pulling the planet's moon down into it's surface. The Falcon with Han, Chewie, and his son Anakin on board, was on the planet when the attack began, and they worked feverishly to get as many people off of the planet as they could. Ultimately, they ended up having to leave Chewbacca behind on the planet because he couldn't get back to the ship in time. As Anakin pulled the ship away from the planet, against Han's will, Chewie stood on a hill top and raised his arms and roared as the planet's moon was pulled down through the atmosphere.


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