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    The Chex Quest series of video games are total modifications for the original DOOM engine. The first game was packaged with boxes of Chex cereal in order to boost sales, while the two sequels were made available for download.

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    The original Chex Quest was included in Chex cereal boxes in 1996 and is the first video game that was given away as a prize in cereal boxes. After the popularity of the first game, developer Digital Café went on to make a sequel, Chex Quest 2. The sequel was made available for download through the internet. The last installment, Chex Quest 3, was announced in June of 2008 by Charles Jacobi, a former employee of Digital Café. Chex Quest 3 was released in September of 2008, and includes updated versions of the first two games. The three games are set up as separate episodes selectable from the main menu, much like the original Doom game. The complete Chex Quest saga (labeled as Chex Quest 3) is available for download on Jacobi's website.

    Chex Quest was notable for being a non-violent total conversion of Doom. Every asset used was replaced with one that was appropriately themed, including textures, weapons, and enemies. The basic gameplay is extremely similar, though the level design and overall difficulty is much more simplified, being that the game was intended to be played by children. When killed, the enemies' death animation shows them being teleported back to their home dimension, rather than falling down and remaining on the ground.

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    • Chucktropolis - Charles Jacobi's personal website, with Chex Quest download link

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