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    Chibi-Robo is a tiny robot designed to bring happiness to the world.

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    Chibi Robo is one of over 1,000,000 toys used to create happiness in the households and offices of the civilians of the world. He is a extremely small robot, yet his head can fit anything from a spoon to a pirate ship. He is a mute character, with no mouth on him whatsoever. Instead of speaking to people he comes in contact with immediately, He uses his self proclaimed manager, telly, speak for him.

    The robot in the game is aspiring to become the Super Chibi Robo, and can only achieve this by gaining Happy Points, the points used to rank robos. He gains these points by cleaning stains and picking up trash around the house for his family, The Sandersons. He can also gain himself happy points by helping out the toys that come to life at night that live all around the house.

    Chibi Robo uses a large variety of weapons and gadgets to keep his family happy. Using a wide variety of things going from a helicopter to a spoon to a strait up beam used to break glass.

    He tends to appear emotionless, feeling only feeling of happiness and love, never showing signs of fear or hatred throughout any of his games.

    Chibi Robo has his own rechargeable battery installed inside of him that slowly uses up energy as he does basic labor such as lifting and walking. When he begins to run out of energy, he can easily recharge his batteries by plugging himself into the walls around the house. This can cause the Sanderson's power bill to increase. Although this can be helped slightly when he gets enough happy points, as the company that made him will send him his own battery that will be slightly more powerful than the one he currently has.

    There is one true enemy of all Chibi Robos, the Spydors. These creatures are attempting to kill him, but he can kill them with his lazer gun and take their metal peices. This can be used for him to create little helping robots for him to get around the house with.


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