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    Chicago Syndicate

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 01, 1995

    Chicago Syndicate is a side-scrolling fighting game for the Game Gear starring Eternal Champion Larcen Tyler. The game takes place in an alternate reality of Eternal Champions, in which Larcen narrowly escapes death, and lives on to elude and compromise the very crime family he once worked for.

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    After cat burglar Larcen Tyler awakes in a hospital In 1920 he makes a deal with the police commissioner that in exchange for his freedom he will clean up the streets of Chicago he is given one year to clean out of all of its criminal scum or he will be put in jail for life. The most notable evil doers are the six major crime bosses who include Mr.Taglalini, Margarita Calles, Flint O'Connell, Chiang Ch'ien, Grace Jackson and Jerzy Slowaki. Each boss runs their own turf in Chicago it is up to you to stop each of these bosses along with all of their thugs using any means necessary which include your fists grappling hook or weapons you find in levels and for beating bosses wich can be saved for later use back in Larcen's hideout.

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    The game plays like many side scrolling brawlers of the early 90's combat consisted of a punch kick and weapon button (Mapped to the One ,Two and Start buttons) weapons can be found and used in the multiple levels as well as some for fighting bosses. The player chooses wich area to go to with a map using the train station.


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