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    Chicago Typewriter

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    A Thompson with unlimited ammo, the Chicago Typewriter is an effective tool for ending Las Plagas infections.

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    Appearances in Resident Evil

    Resident Evil 4

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    Unlocked by completing the "Assignment Ada" side-mission (which is itself unlocked after completing the main story), the Chicago Typewriter can then be purchased from the Merchant for 1,000,000 pesetas. This gun cannot be upgraded at all, however it has unlimited ammo and is extremely powerful from the outset. When equipped while wearing the 1920s Mobster outfit, Leon will flip his hat when players try to reload the weapon. The weapon itself is also cosmetically altered so that it has a drum barrel.

    Resident Evil: Revelations 2

    After a long hiatus, the Chicago Typewriter returns in Revelations 2. In Raid mode the weapon no longer has infinite ammo and is now shot from the hip as opposed to over the shoulder. Another notable alteration is that the weapon has very strong recoil when firing, requiring players to shoot in bursts for any accuracy.


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