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    Chicken Kicking

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    "Chicken Kicking" is the subtle art of introducing the tip of your foot with the posterior of a chicken at very high speeds. Few have mastered this craft, but those who do are glad they did.

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    There are several reasons that some one might find pleasure in chicken kicking. Sometimes kicking chickens will yield food, other times it is just to show that you can. Either way it is a lot of fun to do. 

    In the original Fable, it is possible for your hero to named Chicken Chaser. A reference to the characters affinity for kicking chickens. 
    The opening cinematic for Fable 3, follows a brave chicken's desperate attempt to escape being killed and eaten. Along the way he is kicked by a group of soldiers unaware of the chicken's presence in the street. As both previous games in the Fable series have featured chicken kicking it is a safe assumption that the third installment of the franchise will give players the option of kicking chickens.


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