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    The younger brother of Amanda in the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes games.

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    Chico's Mother Base Proflie
    Chico's Mother Base Proflie

    Chico is a member of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), younger brother of resistance fighter Amanda, and son of the former commandante.

    Kikuko Inoue provides the Japanese voice for new MGS character Chico. In addition to this new Peace Walker character, she has done the voices for Rosemary ( MGS2 and MGS4), The Boss ( MGS3) and Sunny. Chico is voiced by Anthony Del Rio in English.


    Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

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    After Big Boss' meeting with the FSLN at Bananal Fruta de Oro, Chico had an argument with Amanda and wandered off.

    After discovering the Chrysalis he was soon captured by its kidnappers. He was then taken to a holding facility in Mount Irazu and tortured by La Cia (The CIA). When Big Boss rescued him Chico claimed he had seen "el Basilisco", which is later revealed to be Peace Walker. After being rescued by Snake, and sent to Mother Base via Fulton Recovery, Chico attempts to leave behind his child demeanor stating "I'm not a kid, I'm twelve!" Snake receives valuable intel from Chico who is also excellent at Intelligence gathering.

    He also developes a crush on Paz during his time on Mother Base. After listening to Chico's tapes about legends of Giant Monsters on a nearby island, you can unlock the Monster Hunter side missions where Snake meets Trenya and fights the Rathalos, Tigrex and eventually Gear Rex. Although he is a unique staff member Chico has no special skills and he cannot be played as in missions if he's put into the Combat Unit.

    Chico discovers Paz sabotaging Metal Gear ZEKE prior to the final boss battle of Peace Walker, but panicked and ran, his loyalties to Big Boss and Paz coming into conflict.

    Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

    After overhearing that Paz survived and was taken prisoner at Camp Omega, Chico asked Big Boss and Kaz for permission to rescue her. When he was denied, Chico decided to sneak into the prison camp on his own. However, he was quickly discovered by the US Marines stationed there and taken prisoner himself. During his time at the camp, he was able to confirm that Paz was alive, but the two of them were brutally tortured by Skull Face. On top of that, Chico's calf muscles were severed, so he couldn't escape on his own.

    Eventually, Chico was able to send a tape to Mother Base confirming he had been taken prisoner with Paz. Big Boss decided to rescue the two of them by himself while Mother Base was undergoing an inspection by the IAEA. However, Chico was manipulated from the start by Skull Face as part of his plan to destroy Mother Base and MSF.

    After the explosion downed the chopper he was riding in, Chico went missing, presumed dead.


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