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    Chicory: A Colorful Tale

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jun 10, 2021

    Chicory: A Colorful Tale is a puzzle-solving game about a dog with a magical paintbrush.

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    In the animal inhabited land of Picnic Province, there is a magic paintbrush that brings color to the World. Throughout different eras, there is a wielder whose responsibility is to use this magic paintbrush to color the world to their own style. Though the wielders must pass down this responsibility to their apprentice when it is time. The former wielder Blackberry the Deer had passed that duty to the current wielder Chicory the Hare. Chicory had become very popular with the folk of Picnic Province for her style of coloring the Province. Her number 1 fan is a Dog who happens to be Chicory's Home custodian and the dog is named after what the player's favorite food is. One day the Dog was cleaning up in Chicory's Tower until they sensed a disturbance. Once the disturbance appears for the 3rd time, all of the color of the world disappeared and everything turned black and white. Stunned and frightened, the Dog had searched for Chicory so she can bring the color back, but Chicory was nowhere to be found. However, the Magic Paint Brush was found laying down on the floor and tempted with the thought of using the brush themselves, the Dog borrows Chicory's brush. From there the Dog is on a mission to help bring color back to Picnic Province, find out what happened to Chicory and what caused all of the color to vanish.


    Chicory: A Colorful Tale is an overhead adventure game that's similar to format to NES-SNES style Zelda titles when it comes to exploration. However, a major factor within the gameplay is that as the Dog, the player has the ability to draw on nearly everything where they are at. Think of Chicory as a massive, interactive coloring book. The game lets the player choose from 4 different colors within each biome to draw whatever pictures they want as well as color in areas however they please. NPC's can be spoken to and they can have requests for the Dog to complete in order to be rewarded with clothing, plants or furniture. One such example is helping Cola the Barista design a new T Shirt for the local Café and after the Dog draws a logo, that T Shirt with that drawn logo can be donned. The magic paint brush can also be used to manipulate the environment in order to solve puzzles. In one of the biomes called Supper Woods, there are these small mushrooms that once colored in, grow huge and can be used to hop across gaps and reach far away surfaces. What's worth noting is that the puzzles aren't tied to any specific color. To accommodate for those who are color blind, the game allows the player to solve these puzzles with any color they choose. Or to simply draw a picture or color in something without being restrained to one color they may not see in order to progress. The Magic Paint Brush itself can gain new abilities as one ability lets the Brush paint in the dark with glowing paint.


    The Original Soundtrack is composed by Lena Raine who is best known for her music in games such as Celeste, Minecraft and Guild Wars 2. The Soundtrack contains 60 tracks in total.

    Director:Greg Lobanov
    Composer:Lena Raine
    Sound:Em Halberstadt
    Environmental Art:Madeline Berger
    Animation, Art:Alexis Dean-Jones

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