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    Chie Isurugi

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    Drummer of the Second Literature Club band. Shy, caring, and critical.

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    Chie is the first child of her family. She is a childhood friend of Shikanosuke and is very close to his family. Chie is one year older than the rest of the band. She had to repeat a year due to family issues. She is very good at her studies and swore to graduate that year. Chie is the unofficial leader of the band and acts as the older sister of the group.

    Chie is a vegetarian and criticizes meat-eaters.

    Family issues

    Chie at Inari Shrine
    Chie at Inari Shrine

    During Chie's third year at Ohbi, Chie's mother looked through her husband's cell phone and discovered that he had been in contact with a woman that she did not recognize. She confronted him about it and they got into an argument. He left the family and Chie's mother was devastated.

    Some time later, Chie's father called Chie to discuss the matter. He revealed that he was planning to get a divorce. Chie was furious at his selfishness and devastated by his decision. She subconsciously walked towards Shikanosuke's house but stopped by the Inari Shrine to seek shelter from the rain. Shikanosuke appeared soon after and offered her shelter at his home.

    Later, Chie and her family stayed at her grandparents' house for a full semester to sort out the divorce papers. Her poor attendance caused her to repeat the year.

    Kira Kira

    Chapter 1: Anarchy at the School

    Kirari suggested to Chie to play as a band in the school festival. Initially Kirari wanted the drums but Chie convinced her to be the vocalist because she was too shy to sing. Chie used plastic buckets and magazines as a substitute drum set and eventually requested to rent a studio to practice. There the band met Tonoya and he lent Chie his drum set.

    Chie suggested that Shikanosuke dresses in drag for the performance to appear as an all-girl band. She threatened to reveal to his sister Yuko that he has been selling off her video games for money since he was fired from his part-time job.

    Chapter 2: Road to Ruin?

    At the fireworks festival, Chie expressed her interest in Tonoya. She explained that he was the most matured among the guys.

    During the summer break, Chie received a call from Yagihara. Yagihara's friend who owns a live house at Nagoya called Music Farm invited the Second Literature Club band to play at his live house for its 10th year anniversary. Yagihara suggested that the band go on a tour around Japan. Chie was the only one among them who has a driving license so she volunteered to drive.

    Chie called Yagihara again after the performance and he explained that he had planned for the band to perform at Osaka. There, she suggested composing another original song which they performed successfully.

    Chie and Handa
    Chie and Handa

    On Chie's path, Tomo suggested that the band goes to Kobe to meet Handa. At Kobe, the group watched a performance at a live house. There, Kirari found Handa. He hinted to be interested in Chie. Handa offered them dinner and a night at his house.

    That night, Chie was unable to sleep. She found Handa drinking and he invited her to a nearby park where he played his guitar for her. Later, they returned to his house and they discovered that Shikanosuke was looking for them and was worried for Chie.

    At Okayama, Chie and Shikanosuke discovered 2 men making a scene with Midori. Chie and Shikanosuke told them off and Midori thanked them. She gave them a package and returned home. Later during the drive, Shikanosuke discovered that the package contained a pistol. They called Midori's home and her mother demanded them to return the pistol personally. She explained that Midori had run away again and demanded them to get her back.

    Midori and Shikanosuke
    Midori and Shikanosuke

    Midori explained that she wanted to live a normal life and her mother refused to listen to her. The next morning, Midori's mother came to pick her up personally. Midori hijacked a truck and attempted to run her over. Chie and Shikanosuke jumped aboard the truck and overturned the truck.

    He yelled at Midori and her mother and demanded them to discuss the matter. They then returned to the live house to perform.

    Chapter 3: Lust for Love

    After reaching Tokyo, STAR GENERATION offered to them to perform one last time at their show. In it, Shikanosuke threw away his girl clothes and apologized for pretending to be a girl during the entirety of the band's existence.

    Midori moved to Tokyo and found the group. She explained that she has discussed her wishes with her mother and she was disowned. Midori explained that she was happy to be able to leave her family. Chie offered to adopt her.

    Chie was absent from school for a few days. Midori explained that Chie's family returned to her grandparents' home to sort out the arbitration of her parents' divorce. Shikanosuke called Chie and she promised to return home. The next day, Midori dragged Shikanosuke along to meet Mayuki, the woman who caused the divorce. Mayuki was revealed to be 5 months pregnant at the time. Midori yelled at her and stormed off.

    That night, Chie called Shikanosuke to her home to accompany her for dinner. She explained that her mother demanded compensation from Mayuki but Chie disagreed with her. Chie heard that Mayuki did not know that Chie's father was married. Chie wanted the matter to blow over quickly but her mother is intent on getting revenge. She then revealed her feelings for Shikanosuke and explained that she had always loved him.

    Early in March, Mayuki visited Chie's home and offered a large sum of compensation. Chie turned it down, forgave her, and expressed her desire to meet her half-brother.

    Graduation performance
    Graduation performance

    During the school's graduation ceremony, the Second Literature Club band, Murakami, and Tonoya hijacked the ceremony and Kirari announced themselves as Punk Aliens. They performed a remix of the school anthem arranged by Tonoya and congratulated the graduates. After the school's graduation ceremony, Shikanosuke revealed that Chie's father had contacted him and wished to meet Chie. Chie decided to meet her father with Shikanosuke's help.

    True Ending

    Chie pushed Shikanosuke to reunite with Kirari. After the summer break, many students wanted to join the Second Literature Club band but Chie explained that the band was their own idea and it wasn't officially recognized by Ohbi Academy. After Chie graduated from high school, she studied and worked as a social worker.

    Kira Kira: Curtain Call

    Second Stage

    Four years after the events of Kira Kira, Chie met Mami during the Ohbi Cultural Festival. They quickly became friends and Chie was introduced to Kazuki and Chie taught Mami some tips on taking care of Kazuki. A year later, Chie and Mami brought Kazuki to the park where they met Murakami. Souta angered Murakami and Chie reminded Murakami that anger was the heart of punk rock.

    The day before Happy Cycle Mania's 5th year anniversary, Chie phoned Sarina to invite her to the event but Sarina revealed that her company is sponsoring the event and that she was planning to attend it. The Second Literature Club band performed at the event.


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