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    Chill Penguin

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    A former Maverick Hunter, Chill Penguin is an enemy who can freeze opponents and slide around ice.

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    Chill Penguin is a Reploid designed to go to cold areas to work. He uses Shotgun Ice, a weapon which freezes the victim being struck by one. His battle room has a wind generator to move ice statues. He also, like a penguin, slides on his stomach and causes damage.


    Chill Penguin was originally a Maverick Hunter from the 13th Polar Region Unit, and had joined with Sigma during the large revolt of Mavericks. He was then put in the 17th battalion by Sigma, which pleased Chill Penguin because he classified his first post to be "boring". He stayed in an Abandoned Missile Base and guarded his post.

    After being defeated, he was ignored and can now be seen in Frost Walrus' stage in Mega Man X4, which implies he had been left inside one arctic zone for a long period.


    • Chill Penguin's Ice Shotgun has the same attack method as Freeze Man's Ice Cracker.

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