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Chime is a wonderful idea for gamers, and experimental musicians like Philip Glass. Although considered a minimalist composer, Philip Glass has created music for a broad range of mediums, and with experimental film forms like Godfrey Reggio's "documentaries'. It is obvious that Philip Glass (like all proper composers) has an immense adoration for John Cage, and it is though him that everyone can come to appreciate Chime.  
Chime has an almost infinite combination of pieces which can be formed to make music, so essentially you could play each of the puzzles and make entirely different musical 'songs'. The reference to John Cage, is that he sought to make a device which could almost infinitely produce one track, which had as many different variables within it. The device, according to my understanding, continues to play after his death. 
This is what makes Chime conceptually awesome. and perhaps the reason Philip Glass agreed to become a part of the project. That, and evidence suggests that he is a generous person in general. But, aside from concept, the game is fun (similar to tetris). You can't fail making a game like Tetris, and applying musical theory in such a way that produces actual music instead of musical 'noise', makes it even more impressive. 
Let's go ahead and add another layer to what makes this game awesome. The fact that it was designed more with 'free mode' in mind. What I mean by that, is by the structure of the game/music it encourages infinite playability... a game built exclusively with meditation in mind, instead of being build to be finished at one point. Although it does have another mode for timed play (which most 360's achievements are build around).
Wait, there is more. Proceeds of the game's profit go toward charity. Add on the other stuff I mentioned, and you have got yourself a title of Best Game, in my book. 
note: I need to admit that I never played lumines, and do not know if the game mechanics allow 'infinite song creation'. All I know is that this company needs to create DLC so that I can buy it, and hopefully that this proposed 'DLC' includes more awesome 'tracks' with which to zone-out to. Additionally, I recently found that Philip Glass' track might have more gameplay/sound complexity in comparison to the other tracks as it seems as though each square represents tonal variation as well.

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