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Chime-ing in! Hehe

Chime is a pretty good example of the direction I’d like to see games take. A charitable donation is made from spending your money on the game, which isn’t half bad. I could never write a lengthy review about something that barely warrants this much. Having never played Lumines or variations of that, Chime is like starting fresh in my world. A new iteration to some of gaming’s best puzzlers. I really like to play it but that is a direct result of me looking for something small I can space out with. There just isn’t enough music or goals for a complete recommendation. You only get five songs, and those only come with 3, 6 and 9 minute musical block laying. Levels can have different shapes. But often you’ll find yourself wondering what the point is in playing. You see what you get. Rewards come with the achievements, but don’t offer any competition. It doesn’t take more than two playthroughs before you begin to tell yourself it was for charity. The price is right, but the package is pretty light.

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    Your Tetris tactics will mislead you; your Lumines strategy will slow you down. Chime, though visually reminiscent of the giants in the puzzle genre, is a game that will take some getting used to. It would be one thing if it were completely different -- all you'd have to do is learn the new ideas and apply them to the game. To excel at Chime, however, you must first unlearn judgments picked up during your 100th hour of Tetris, then begin the regular learning process.Chime is such a patchwork of ...

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    Excellent product that seems impossible not to recommend. 0

    Chime is a pretty humble effort in more ways than one.  The gameplay is simple, it's only five dollars, and it only has five levels.  There's also the impossible-to-ignore fact that the developers have pledged no less than 60% of the game's profits to charity.  I simply can't think of a reason not to recommend this game to anybody.  As I said, the gameplay doesn't take a 300-page manual to explain, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to it.  The basic mechanics are simple enough, but some of t...

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