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Tad short

Man can not to talk about Chime and not mention Lumines or Tetris. Chime lends the blocks from Tetris, the grid and the general feel taken from Lumines. Chime has also more similarities to Lumines. Both are music themed puzzle games. 

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The purpose of Chime is to colour the game grid completely. This is done by using Tetris-type blocks for creating 3x3 shapes. These are called quads. A tracker like bar is sweeping from left to right in sequence with the music. Each time this hits the quads the blocks change to solid a colour. Goal is to completely fill out the grid this way. Bigger scores can be done by extending the 3x3 block to 3x4, 4x4, 4x5, 4x6 and so on. By creating multiple blocks a multiply grows. The longest lasting solid block will disappear from the view while ending the multiplier. These can be stopped by using these blocks in a quad. The ageing blocks are visible with flashing effects. The blocks and quads placed on top of the already solid colour will have no impact on the cover percentage. This giving more leeway for filling out the whole grid.

The music consist of five different electro tracks. The Steam version coming with a extra song in form of the Portal song "Still Alive". Each song having a three, six and nine minute version. The songs also use effects from building the quads with each sequencer sweep. Songs are relatively pleasant even for a non fan of this particular genre. Except for the Moby song which just repeats the same phrase over and over.

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Visually the game is very simple with it's stylish colours theme. Each song has their own colour and unique set of blocks. From a quick a clance once might confuse this with Lumines even which is a compliment.

Chime has two modes for each of six songs. Besides the normal time mode there is also a free mode. Which as the name implies has no time limit. These levels end when the grid is 100% covered, strangely without the multiplier aspect. Other reasons to keep on playing this is the Leaderboards that track players score from the main mode as well the achievements.

Six lukewarm electro tracks and lack of challenge won't really last too long. At least you are giving money to charity when buying this.   

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