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    A Chinker is a large ice cube in the Banjo-Kazooie franchise

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    Chinker is an enemy that resembles an ice cube, they are found in Freezeezy Peak and Click Clock Wood during winter time. Untill you get close to them Clinkers do not move and have there eyes shut, when there are in this stance they become more transparent and they can be difficult to spot. However when you get close to a Clinker it will spring into action, it makes a "Boing" noise then will do a spin dash type move and try and collide with you, which will if hit take away one piece of your health. If you attack a Clinker it will break up into two smaller Clinkers, and they will both spin dash towards you. Chinkers can be very tricky to deal with if you do not know how to deal with them, if you know how to deal with them though they can be a good source of Honeycomb's since each of the minituare Chinkers (when defeated) leaves a Honeycomb piece. When you are in an area with two or more Chinkers there is a good way of defeating them, if one Chinker hits another Chinker they will collide and stop spinning. So if you do a backfip and then a ground pound you should be-able to hit them both at once.

    George and Mildred

    Normal Chinker's are just enemys, they show no signs of a personallity and they do not speak, however there are some Chinkers that are not enemys but rather friendly little Chinkers. George and Mildred are a married couple, they appear in Banjo-Tooie and both wish to find each other. They used to live peacefully together next to Boggy's Igloo in Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side), untill a blizard came and carried George up to the sky. Banjo and Kazooie encounter Mildred in Hailfire Peaks, unfortunately you have to kill her to aquire the Jinjo that lies inside her. You then later encounter George ontop on a cliff in Cloud Cuckooland, he belives himself to be directly above his home and only asks for a gentle push and he thinks he should land back home. After you give him a push he discovers his trajectorys were a little off and he ends up melting in boiling water as he lands on the fire side of Hailfire Peaks.

    Despite being killed, they return for Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts in Banjo-Land, in the mission they appear in it involves reuniting the pair and rescuing George from melting.


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