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    Chip's Challenge 2

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released May 28, 2015

    High-school nerd Chip returns for a new challenge, aided by fellow Bit Buster Melinda. Release for the game was originally shelved for 15 years due to trademark issues prior to a proper digital release.

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    Chip's Challenge 2 is a top-down tile-based action-puzzle game developed and digitally published by Niffler for the PC (via Steam) on May 28, 2015.

    Originally developed in 1999 by Chuck Sommerville as a sequel to his original 1989 game Chip's Challenge, Chip's Challenge 2 puts players in the shoes of Chip McCallahan and Melinda the Mental Marvel, two high-school nerds and the best of the Bit Busters Club, as they are given a new challenge by Vladimir Gerajkee, the Puzzle Master of the International Brain Game Club. The game includes a variety of new obstacles, contraptions, and other gameplay mechanics (some of which involve switching between Chip and Melinda, each of whom handle certain surfaces differently).

    The game was originally created in 1999, and was kept shelved for 15 years due to trademark disputes regarding the Chip's Challenge license. It was then released on Steam alongside an updated port of the original (as Chip's Challenge 1) and a level editor as separate DLC (with Steam Workshop support added on March 16, 2018).


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