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    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

    Game » consists of 6 releases. Released Oct 16, 2012

    Set in a medieval-fantasy world engulfed in civil war, Chivalry is a multiplayer-focused class-based action game putting players in the role of valorous knights.

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    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a multiplayer-focused historical-fantasy action game developed and published digitally by Torn Banner for the PC on October 16, 2012. It was also released in retail format (outside of North America), was made available to Mac and Linux users on February 25, 2015, and was ported to consoles throughout late 2014 and 2015.

    Based on the studio's earlier Age of Chivalry mod for Half-Life 2 (and funded through Kickstarter), Chivalry features medieval combat set in the fictional world of Agatha (with the two factions, the Agatha Knights and the Mason Order, in civil war). It is focused on first-person and third-person melee-centric combat, customizable character classes (each with their own unique repertoire of medieval weaponry), and a objective-based teamplay.

    The game received numerous free post-release content and updates, bringing new weapons, maps, game modes, and customization options (including options for purchasable cosmetics). It was also ported by Mercenary Technology to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (on December 3, 2014 and February 10, 2015 respectively), and by Hardsuit Labs to both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on December 1, 2015. All console versions were released in digital format only.

    The game received a dedicated expansion pack on November 14, 2013, titled Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior, as a tie-in to the 2009-2011 television series Deadliest Warrior. In it, players choose from six different classes based on warriors from different points in ancient history (including ninjas, vikings, and knights). The game also received a spin-off game in 2017, titled Mirage: Arcane Warfare, featuring magical abilities and a fantasy setting based on the ancient Middle East.


    There are four distinct classes in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Each class has its own special ability and unique set of weapons.



    The archer is the ranged weapon specialist. He is best used in a support role to deliver damage to enemies from far to mid range. The archer is considerably more vulnerable in melee, when compared to the other classes. The archer's ability to inflict decent damage at long range makes him a great defensive class for harassing the enemy's front lines and keeping them off objective points. When using javelins the archer can be viable at melee range as well, thrusting them from behind a shield. Available weapons include bows, crossbows, javelins, slings, daggers, cudgels, and shields. The archer also gets a choice of various ammunition types for bows and slings.

    Special Ability: Rogue - Does +50% backstab damage.



    The man-at-arms is the lightest melee class, and relies heavily on evasion and speed abilities to land hits while trying to avoid enemy attacks. He specializes in one handed weapons and has the option of bringing a shield into battle. The man-at-arms is best played on the fringes of a battle. His speed allows him to move in and out of fights slipping in brutal hits. A good man-at-arms can evade the slow and heavy swings of a vanguard or knight, closing the distance rapidly to deliver the killing blow. Available weapons include swords, axes, clubs, staves, daggers, smoke bombs, fire pots, and shields.

    Special Ability: Elusive - Can perform dodges



    The vanguard is an imposing aggressive force which forms the front line of an army. His weapons have extremely long reach and deal incredible damage. Generally making up a good portion of a team, the vanguard is typically the core warrior in battle. He has a large variety of weapons, most of which have extreme range (enough to kick an enemy away and still hit him with a swing). His charge ability can one-shot the lower armoured classes, though it can be supremely costly if missed. The vanguard is an all-around class capable of any role. Available weapons include poleaxes, polehammers, spears, greatswords, billhooks, throwing axes, and throwing knives.

    Special Ability: Charge - Can sprint attack into battle.



    The most powerful tank melee unit on the battlefield. The knight's damage output and armour levels are offset by the lack of agility and generally slower weapons he wields. His weapons are typically slow and heavy, but absolutely devastating when they connect. Knights are slow moving, but they can take significantly more damage than the other classes. Knights often move the front line and charge into large groups. His imposing frame and plate armour make him ideal for standing ground and defending a point. Only a headshot from a heavy crossbow can kill a knight in one hit. Available weapons include one handed, bastard, and two handed swords, axes, hammers, flails, throwing axes, and shields.

    Special Ability: Tank – Can absorb additional damage and takes less stamina to block incoming blows.




    • Longbow- A bow with a good mix of speed, damage, and range. Good for any situation. Unlocked by default
    • Shortbow- A smaller bow that does less damage and has less range, but a significantly faster fire rate. Unlocked after 50 bow kills
    • Warbow- A large bow that does heavy damage and has a very long range, but a slow fire rate. Unlocked after 75 bow kills
    • Each bow can use two types of arrows: Bodkin arrows do more damage to Knights and Vanguards, and Broadhead arrows do more damage to Men at Arms and other Archers


    Crossbowmen may choose to equip themselves with either a pavise shield which can be deployed as cover, or extra crossbow bolts

    • Crossbow- A crossbow with average damage and range, and a slow reload speed. Unlocked by default
    • Light Crossbow- A crossbow with low damage and short range, but a significantly faster reload speed. Unlocked after 50 crossbow kills
    • Heavy Crossbow- A crossbow that does massive damage, but has a very slow reload speed. Unlocked after 75 crossbow kills


    Javelins are unique in that they may be thrown with the default attack, or used as a melee weapon by performing a stab. All types use the buckler shield in the off hand.

    • Javelin- Javelins with average damage, range, and throw speed, as well as average melee damage. Five may be carried at once. Unlocked by default
    • Short Spears- Javelins with low damage, but long range and fast throw speed, as well as low melee damage but quick strikes. Unlocked after 50 Javelin kills (Thrown or melee)
    • Heavy Javelins- Javelins with heavy damage, but slow throw speed and short range, as well as heavy and slow melee attacks. Unlocked after 75 Javelin kills (Thrown or melee)


    Added in Content Update 1, the Sling fires two types of projectiles

    • Rocks- Low damage, unlimited ammo
    • Steel Balls- Higher damage, limit 20 ammo

    Man At Arms

    Men at Arms specialize in one-handed weapons that may be used with either a small, fast buckler shield; or a larger, slower heater shield.


    • Broadsword- Good all around sword that combines average reach, speed, and damage. Unlocked by default
    • Norse Sword- A fast sword with shorter reach than the broadsword. Has low cutting damage, but very fast and damaging stabs. Unlocked after 50 Sword kills
    • Falchion- A fast sword with the shortest reach of the three. Has poor stab damage, but very strong cutting damage. Unlocked after 75 Sword kills


    • Hatchet- A very fast axe with low damage and short reach. Unlocked by default
    • War Axe- A slower, but more damaging axe with a very short reach. Unlocked after 50 Axe kills
    • Dane Axe- An axe that combines average speed, damage, and long reach. Unlocked after 75 Axe kills


    • Mace- Good all around mace that combines average reach, speed, and damage. Unlocked by default
    • Morning Star- A somewhat slow mace with long reach and good damage. Unlocked after 50 Mace kills
    • Holy Water Sprinkler- A short mace with a low damage and very fast attack speed. Unlocked after 75 Mace kills


    Added in Content Update 1. The quarterstaff has a short reach and low damage, but an extremely high attack speed. Cannot be used with a shield.



    • Greatsword- A good all-around two-hander. Unlocked by default
    • Claymore- A Scottish relic that trades reach and damage for speed. Unlocked after 50 Greatsword kills
    • Zweihander- A huge German sword that trades speed for incredible damage. Unlocked after 75 Greatsword kills


    Spears do not have overhead attacks, instead they have two stabs; a shorter range quick stab and a longer range slow thrust

    • Spear- A very long reaching weapon primarily used for stabbing. Unlocked by default
    • Military Fork- A very long reaching weapon with two tines. Trades damage for increased stab speed. Unlocked after 50 Spear kills
    • Brandistock- A very long reaching weapon with three barbed points. Trades speed for damage. Unlocked after 75 Spear kills


    • Bardiche- A long reaching weapon with an axe head. Has good chopping damage, but low stab damage. Has average speed. Unlocked by default
    • Billhook- An English infantry weapon with a curved hook ending in a spike. Trades damage for speed. Unlocked after 50 Polearm kills
    • Halberd- A weapon with slow, damaging strikes and stab attacks. Unlocked after 75 Polearm kills
    • Polehammer- Added in Content Update 1, the Polehammer is faster than the Halberd, but does less damage


    Knights have the unique ability to wield any of their two handed swords in one hand with either a Kite or Tower shield.

    Bastard Swords

    • Longsword- The longsword combines average speed, reach, and damage. Unlocked by default
    • Sword of War- The Sword of War sacrifices damage for increased speed. Unlocked after 50 Bastard Sword kills
    • Messer- A large single edged weapon which trades speed for great chopping damage. Unlocked after 75 Bastard Sword kills


    • Warhammer- A one handed weapon with good speed and blunt damage. Unlocked by default
    • Maul- A massive two handed warhammer. Incredibly slow, but very deadly. Unlocked after 50 Hammer kills
    • Grand Mace- A large two handed mace. Has a moderately slow attack speed, but good damage. Unlocked after 75 Hammer kills

    War Axes

    • Double Axe- A shorter two handed axe with good chopping damage and a faster attack speed. Unlocked by default
    • Poleaxe- A slower two hander with good chopping damage and good stab damage. Unlocked after 50 War Axe kills
    • Bearded Axe- A long axe with a single edge that has good reach and damage. Unlocked after 75 War Axe kills


    Added in Content Update 1, Flails are spiked balls on a chain that the Knight uses along side a heater shield

    • Light Flail- A fast, low damage weapon.
    • Heavy Flail- A slower, more damaging weapon.

    Secondary Weapons

    Vanguards have the option to use the Man at Arms' axes as a secondary weapon, and Knights may use either the Man at Arms' maces or swords as a secondary weapon.

    Daggers (Archer and Man at Arms)

    • Broad Dagger- A short range weapon with average chopping and stabbing. Unlocked by default
    • Hunting Knife- A short range weapon with high chopping damage, but poor stab damage. Unlocked after 50 Dagger kills
    • Thrusting Dagger- A short range weapon with poor chopping damage, but high stabbing damage. Unlocked after 75 Dagger kills

    Shortswords (Archer, Vanguard, and Man at Arms)

    • Shortsword- An average weapon with longer range than a dagger, but lower speed. Unlocked by default
    • Sabre- A short range weapon with high chopping damage, but poor stab damage. Unlocked after 50 Shortsword kills
    • Cudgel- A short range blunt weapon that does more damage to armored targets (Vanguards and Knights). Unlocked after 75 Shortsword kills

    Thrown Weapons

    • Throwing Knives- Fast, moderately damaging thrown weapons with short range. Can be used by the Man at Arms and Vanguard
    • Throwing Axes- Slower more damaging thrown weapons with moderate range. Can be used by Vanguards and Knights
    • Smoke Pot- A thrown weapon that explodes into a cloud of thick smoke. Can be used by the Vanguard
    • Oil Pot- A thrown weapon that explodes into a small circle of fire. Enemies within the radius when the pot is thrown are lit on fire for a few seconds, obscuring their vision and causing damage over time.

    Game Modes

    Team Objective

    Attack and defend style gameplay. The attackers on each map must accomplish a series of objectives unique to each map, ranging from setting a farm on fire to poisoning well water with diseased corpses. The defenders must prevent the attackers from completing these objectives within the time limit. Considered to be the core mode of Chivalry.

    Last Team Standing

    A battle mode with Counter-Strike style spawning rules. If a player dies, they must wait until the next round to respawn. The only objective is the kill the enemy to the last man.

    Team Deathmatch

    Traditional team deathmatch with a twist. Once a team reaches the kill limit, the opposing team does not respawn. The winning team must then fight to exterminate the opposing force to achieve total victory.

    King of the Hill

    The teams battle over a central platform, earning capture time when the opposing team does not control the platform. Hold the center for the allotted time to win.

    Capture the Flag

    The classic two flag CTF setup. Players who pick up the flag are unable to use their weapons, but the flag acts like a Vanguard spear. A team's flag must be in their base in order for them to capture the enemy flag. First team to three captures wins.

    Free for All

    Traditional deathmatch mode. The player with the most kills when time expires wins. Every man for themselves!


    Added in Content Update 1. Players enter a lobby where they may challenge other players to one-on-one combat, or join the pool and be automatically assigned opponents. The player with the most duel victories when time expires is the winner.


    The game initially included 7 different environments for player to battle in. Each stage includes their own unique objectives. A free content update on January 31, 2013 added 13 new maps: one team objective map, two maps which can play a variety of modes, and ten small maps for use with the newly added Duel mode.

    Stoneshill (Team Objective)

    The Mason Order has managed to sneak into the Stoneshill valley undiscovered aiming to end the still short rule of the Agathian steward residing here in his opulent Royal Palace. War comes to Stoneshill and it seems the quiet people of the sleepy village here are wholly unprepared. If the tenants of the Agathian Knighthood hold true, the Agathian forces stationed here will need to take up arms and face their fate, not only to ensure the safety of their named king’s subjects, but to ensure their continued claim to their homeland.

    The outside area, as well as the throne room can be used for Team Deathmatch and Last Team Standing.



    • Slaughter the peasants and burn the village.
    • Breach the keep with the battering ram.
    • Kill the king.


    • Protect the village and the peasants.
    • Defend the keep.
    • Protect the king.

    Arena (Various Modes)

    You have been chosen to lay your life down for the glory of the kingdom. The political whispers that haunt the streets of this once great capitol city will be settled here and now in the arena! Only death can reveal which faction has truest claim to the throne for the will of men is written in blood!


    Available Modes

    • Last Team Standing
    • King of the Hill
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Free For All

    Battlegrounds (Team Objective)

    The Agathian army finally makes a push to take back their capitol city. The fighting has raged for three days, the surrounding lands have been ravaged and the worst is still yet to come. As Agathian engineers put the final touches on their secret weapon the last remaining Mason resources are under threat with the Agathian army launching their final and most devastating assault on their once glorious city.



    • Defend the farm, fields, windmill and fair.
    • Stop the petard from reaching the gates.


    • Burn down the farm, fields, windmill and the fair.
    • Move the petard to gates and blow it open.

    Hillside (Team Objective)

    After returning to find their homeland occupied by the Mason Order, the Agathian ship armadas were denied passage through the straight that leads into the Agathian interior. By the cover of night an Agathian landing party has made it ashore, where they plan to secure the beach and signal to the warships via a bonfire when they are clear to advance. Will the Mason Order’s shore defense prove too much for the Agathian ships, or will the landing party provide distraction sufficient enough for the fleet to invade?

    The first and third objective area may also be used for Team Deathmatch and Last Team Standing.



    • Prevent a signal fire.
    • Defend the trebuchets.
    • Stop the Agathians from firing at the ships.


    • Light a signal fire.
    • Tear down the trebuchets.
    • Shoot down the ships.

    Ruins (Various Modes)

    What was once the glorious and noble crusade of King Argon to take back the now ruined first city of Narem has deteriorated into a petty land battle of pride and hubris in it’s decrepit streets and alleys. Take the enemies flag and parade it through the streets in mockery before you burn it back at your base.


    Available Modes

    • Last Team Standing
    • Capture the Flag
    • King of the Hill
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Free For All

    Dark Forest (Team Objective)

    Having infiltrated Agatha through a secret mountain pass above the Stoneshill Valley, the Mason Order plans to poison the source of the agathian water supply here with the diseased corpses of Agathian peasantry. Is the Mason Order aware that the remaining heirs to the throne are hidden away in a cliffside fortress just beyond the pass? Agatha’s last hope is to hold their reservoir cistern against the Mason Order’s disease laden wagon and hope the order doesn’t discover what’s hidden just beyond it.


    Dark Forest
    Dark Forest
    • Push the corpse wagon into the pass.
    • Open the flood gates.
    • Kill the nobles.


    • Stop the wagon from reaching the pass
    • Defend the flood gates.
    • Keep the nobles alive.

    Moor (various modes)


    A medium sized map, Moor is a large open field with wooden barriers sprinkled about.

    Available modes

    • Last Team Standing
    • Capture the Flag
    • King of the Hill
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Free For All

    Citadel (Team Objective)

    A five stage Team Objective map which takes place in the Mason homeland. The Citadel looms in the shadow of an active volcano. Rivers of lava flow throughout the map. The Knights of Agatha assault the Mason Order's lands in order to free their people from slavery, and end the rule of the tyrant Lord Malric. Added as a part of Content Update 1


    • Turn and fire the ballistas on the palisade wall to destroy it
    • Break the locks to free the slaves from their cages
    • Destroy the chains of the slaves to free them
    • Break down the doors to the Citadel
    • Kill Lord Malric


    • Defend the palisade walls
    • Stop Agatha from breaking the locks on the cages
    • Stop Agatha from breaking the chains of the slaves
    • Protect the doors to the Citadel
    • Defend Lord Malric

    Frigid (Various Modes)

    A snow covered map which features numerous environmental hazards from giant rolling snowballs to crushing log traps. Added as a part of Content Update 1.


    Available Modes

    • Team Deathmatch
    • Capture the Flag
    • Last Team Standing

    Argon's Wall (Various Modes)

    Argon's Wall
    Argon's Wall

    A medium sized map which takes place on an ancient wall built by King Argon of Agatha. The center of the map features an upper and lower portion, with the lower portion defended by pots of boiling oil which can be dropped from above. Added as a part of Content Update 1.

    Available Modes

    • Team Deathmatch
    • Last Team Standing

    Duel Maps

    Duel maps are designed for one-on-one encounters in Duel mode, which was added as a part of Content Update 1.


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    Dining Hall

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    No Caption Provided


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    System Requirements


    • OS: Windows XP
    • Processor: Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4 GHz) or AMD equivalent, or better
    • Memory: At least 2GB
    • Hard Disk Space: 3 GB
    • Video Card: ATI Radeon 3870 of higher, Nvidia Geforce 8800 GT or higher
    • Graphics card memory: 512MB+
    • Sound: Windows compatible sound card


    • OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz quad core or better
    • Memory: 4 GB system RAM
    • Hard Disk Space: 9 GB
    • Video Card: DirectX 9 compatible with 768 MB video RAM or better (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 / ATI Radeon HD 5850)
    • Sound: Windows compatible sound card

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