Chivalry on Steam Free Weekend This Week!

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#1 Posted by jakob187 (22932 posts) -

I've been wanting to try the game out for a while now, but every time I think I'll have the money, something comes up and screws it all over. However, I will finally have money AND the opportunity to decide whether to dump money out for Chivalry. It's on Free Weekend through Steam, as well as on sale for $12.49 ($37.49 for a 4-pack).

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#2 Posted by Snail (8885 posts) -

I might finally give this game a shot. I hope I can convince some friends to try it out too.

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#3 Posted by deactivated-57d4cf64585b7 (535 posts) -

Out of curiosity is it similar to mount and blade except with the emphasis on sword combat? I have looked into it but I am still not sure entirely what the game is all about.

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I'm in the exact same position as you; can't wait to try it out with some friends. Loved Mount and Blade, so I'm pretty sure I'll have fun with this.

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#5 Posted by konig_kei (956 posts) -

Mount and blade is a bad comparison in my opinion. Chivalry is a multiplayer focused melée combat. Instead of just clickity,clickity,click gameplay it's about timing, position and spamming the battlecry button. If call of duty required some skill I would compare it to call of duty.

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They're adding a Duel Mode? Game Grumps tried the one map with hilarious results.

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And there's going to be a duel tournament with TotalBiscuit, Criken, and others.

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Everyone should play this game.

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#7 Posted by Funkydupe (3613 posts) -

I got murdered! Then I chopped someone's arm off! Then I caught fire! Then I kicked someone off a ledge! Then I impaled a guy with a spear before getting shot in the face by an archer! Fun was had by all.

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This game is worth it just to sprint and repeatedly mash C.


You can usually get your entire team to do it on first spawn.


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#9 Posted by HolyHackZack (139 posts) -

Game is amazing. Was falling asleep last night and thought 'Hey that looks neat...'. Several hours with no sleep later and I was late for work.

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#10 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

Welp, that was pretty awesome. I'm not sure if I'll buy it right now, though, as I have like 9 other games I need to play right now. I will definitely pick it up some time, though.

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When games like this come out, it makes me wish I had a gaming PC. I, however, have a macbook. Maybe if it gets popular enough and there's a demand it'll come out for a console or other operating systems. It looks like such a fun game!

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