So Chivalry Comes Out Tomorrow....

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#1 Posted by Krullis (16 posts) -

I'm pretty surprised that no one's really talking about this game! If all goes according to plan, the game will be available tomorrow to purchase.

So who's going to get it? What will be your starting class/weapons?


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#2 Posted by mtcantor (984 posts) -

Nice try Chivalry developer...

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#3 Posted by AlexW00d (7478 posts) -

All I have seen of it is a Birgirpall video and it just looks like a shit Mount and Blade. At least War of the Roses is a good Mount and Blade.

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#4 Posted by ESREVER (2888 posts) -

I am also surprised there hasn't been much talk of this game, especially since I heard about it on the War of the Roses TNT. The game is actually a lot of fun and tons better than WotR. It has proper game modes for a medieval setting such as objective based missions that vary from map to map. There was one where one team (Mason I believe) was assaulting an Agatha castle and it was a straight up Castle Siege. Then for the final objective the Masons had to kill the King of the castle, which was the MVP of the Agatha team. It was a pretty cool idea.

Also, the game has straight up fisticuffs. It is a ton of fun to play free for all and just ditch all your weapons for favor of the fists. Running around and punching douchebag Knights with Greatswords as they try to cut you down is VERY rewarding. The combat mechanics are fairly interesting too. Instead of your wild mouse swinging in WotR, you have buttons dedicated for such things as an overhead and stab motion. You can also combo swings into each other, block an enemies attack by focusing your crosshair on the tip of their weapon as they strike, and even "feint" an attack to trick your enemy into blocking early, only to followup with an actual attack.

Did I mention the game has an arrow cam when you fire an arrow? Yea, its pretty cool.

I might wait a little bit for it to come down in price on Steam because right now $25 feels a bit much atm. There's no singleplayer mode (Well, you can play games by yourself with bots if you really wanted) other than a helpful training mission. It seems like the kind of game that could really benefit from a Campaign.

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#5 Posted by SomeDeliCook (2353 posts) -

Offtopic, but I am so sick of threads starting with "So"

Every 3 threads that are made start with it

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#6 Posted by vaiz (3064 posts) -

My goodness, my shill alarm is blaring. I'll bite, though. I haven't seen anything about the game, so maybe when it comes out I'll look it up, buy it and, knowing me, never play it.

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#7 Posted by SlasherMan (1723 posts) -

I think this game is looking pretty great. Not sure if it's a day one buy for me, but definitely looking forward to getting it at some point. Seems much more my thing than WotR.

Here's some footage from TotalBiscuit:

Loading Video...
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#8 Posted by ESREVER (2888 posts) -

@SlasherMan: Yea, that first was the map I was talking about. Was a lot of fun. Hopefully he plans on doing a WTF on it if he hasn't already.

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#9 Posted by President_Barackbar (3610 posts) -

As a superfan of Age Of Chivalry (The HL2 mod that Chivalry is a follow-up to) I could not be more excited for this game to finally come out.

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#10 Posted by Wong_Fei_Hung (735 posts) -

Chivalry is dead.

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#11 Posted by Krullis (16 posts) -

@ESREVER: From what I've heard, I think he may be doing a comparison video of this and WotR. Would be interesting to see which one he prefers more

@mtcantor: HAH, that would be cool, but alas, I am not.

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#12 Posted by MatthewTheBeast (215 posts) -

Looks interesting, but I'll be sticking with Mount&Blade/Napoleonic Wars till I get a better computer before venturing into either Chivalry or WOTR.

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#13 Posted by murisan (1143 posts) -

It's incredibly worth it and is half off today.

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#14 Posted by cryptic_code (97 posts) -

@MatthewTheBeast: This game plays okay on my 6 year old computer. I have to turn down a few settings, but definitely playable where you can enjoy the game.

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