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    Chloe Frazer

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    Chloe Frazer is a professional treasure hunter and former fling of Nathan Drake's in the Uncharted series. She is voiced by Claudia Black of Stargate SG-1 and Pitch Black.

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    An Australian, Chloe Frazer is as tough and capable as she is beautiful. She's known throughout Nathan Drake's world as a gifted and adaptable treasure hunter with a long list of impressive accomplishments to her name.

    Little is known about Chloe's history. Before the events of the Uncharted games, Chloe and Nathan were involved in a relationship, but Nate walked out on her to pursue his own treasure hunting ends. Despite this breakup, they still have feelings for each other. Chloe eventually joins with Harry Flynn in an attempt to track Nate down. When she does find him, it appears that Chloe has started dating Flynn, but Chloe explains she wants to be with Nate and rekindle their romance behind Flynn's back.

    She is both performed and voiced by Claudia Black.

    Character Development

    Chloe is physically attractive and has a dry sense of humor similar to Nathan Drake. She values her friendships, but is quick to sell them out and think of her own well being before the well being of others. She stays positive in dangerous situations, but is not afraid to walk away from a fight if she's in over her head.

    A few years later, Chloe is completely loyal to Drake's group and is comfortable being a part of a family instead of a tempestuous lone wolf or mercenary.

    Major Story Arcs

    Chloe and Flynn approach Drake and ask him to assist them in stealing a Mongolian oil lamp from an Istanbul museum that could help solve the mystery of Marco Polo's Lost Fleet. Behind Flynn's back, Chloe and Drake make an agreement to go through with the job, then run away together after taking their cut.

    Flynn and Nate manage to break into the museum and acquire the lamp, but Flynn betrays Nate and gets him thrown in jail. Three months later, Chloe and Victor Sullivan show up and secure his release. It is revealed that Flynn and Chloe brought news of the Lost Fleet and the Cintamani Stone to his employer, Zoran Lazarevic. The Stone apparently grants immortality to whoever controls it. Chloe is acting as a double agent for Drake, and helps Nate and Victor pass through Lazarevic's camp and finds the Lost Fleet. They discover the Fleet never had the Cintamani Stone, but they find a Tibetan Phurba and a map leading them to a temple in Nepal.

    As they are escaping the temple, Chloe "betrays" Drake as Flynn and Lazarevic's men show up. Chloe takes the map from Drake and gives it to Flynn, who learns of the temple in Nepal and tells Chloe and two guards to take Drake and Victor to Lazarevic. Along the way, Chloe shoots both guards, enabling them to escape and tells them she will meet them in Nepal.

    Chloe with Nathan
    Chloe with Nathan

    In Nepal, Chloe meets up with Nate. Together (and after picking up Elena Fisher and Jeff along the way), they find the temple. After completing a set of puzzles, they discover the location of Shambala hidden somewhere in the Himalayas. As they prepare to leave the temple, Lazaravic's men ambush them. Despite Chloe's disapproval, Nate insists on helping Elena and an injured Jeff attempt to escape. Eventually, the group is cornered and Chloe "betrays" Nate again, holding up the group as Flynn approaches. Flynn orders her to be taken to the train. Eventually, Drake and Elena escape and Drake insists on trying to help Chloe escape. After boarding the train and fighting through the mercenaries within, Drake catches up to Chloe. She refuses to leave with Drake, saying she never asked to be saved. Flynn shoots Drake in the abdomen, but Chloe keeps him from killing Drake.

    We don't see Chloe again until we approach the entrance to Shambala. Chloe is still working with Flynn and Lazaravic to try to find the secrets of a tower that will help reveal the entrance. After Flynn leaves, Drake drops down and demands that Chloe give him the Phurba. Chloe agrees, only asking that Drake "take that son-of-a-bitch down" (referring to Lazarevic).

    Eventually, Drake, Chloe, Elena, Flynn, and Lazarevic arrive at the entrance to Shambala. Drake, Chloe, and Elena manage to escape from Lazarevic and begin working towards finding the Cintamani Stone before Lazarevic does. Elena and Chloe begin to bond, even though Chloe was jealous of Elena back in Nepal. At one point, Elena is almost killed by Flynn. Despite her earlier comments back in Nepal that they needed to leave an injured Jeff, Chloe insists on saving Elena, despite Elena's own protests. Chloe and Elena attempt to escape Shambala while Nate deals with Lazarevic. After escaping the destroyed city, Chloe asks Nate if he loves Elena, which he does not deny but says he still cares for Chloe. Chloe decides that it is her turn to walk away and leaves Nate and Elena.

    In Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Chloe is part of Drake's band of thieves, acting as the driver in their London adventure. Any romantic entanglement with Sully implied in Uncharted 2 is nonexistent and Chloe may be connected to Charlie Cutter instead, or there may be no romantic involvement whatsoever. Chloe and Cutter go on to explore a castle in Syria for clues left by T.E. Lawrence. Drake and Sully, thinking them in danger, join them. The four work their way through the castle's hidden puzzles to find the second half of an amulet that points them to the correct city in Yemen. Cutter is injured and Chloe and he escape for safety, leaving Drake and Sully to aventure further. We don't hear from the duo after their departure, but they are assumed safe and ready to pursue more treasure in the future.


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