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    Chocobo Racing

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Aug 10, 1999

    A Kart racing adventure starring Chocobo and several other characters from the Final Fantasy universe.

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    The player is able to race around on several tracks who are inspired by the Final Fantasy universe and collect Magic Stones which are usually scattered around on the tracks. Magic Stones work as power-ups, giving the player special abilities to use against their opponents. Game modes include Story Mode, Time Trials, and Versus Mode.

    Playable Characters


    The story involves Chocobo as the protagonist of the game. Chocobo is given a pair of "Jet-Blades" by the inventor Cid. Chocobo is then given the opportunity to try them for a test-run on the racetrack behind Cid's lab. Moogle appears right after the race. He's been asking Cid to make him a race machine for him.Moogle end up being given a scooter. Chocobo and Moogle later race each other. Moogle loses the race and afterwards Cid lectures them about the abilities of the Blue Crystal that belongs to Chocobo. Cid then suggests that they should go out on a adventure to discover the secret behind the Blue Crystal.

    Chocobo and Moogle then travel throughout the land to discover Blue Crystals. They end up meeting several other characters who they race in order to get access to to Blue Crystals. They reach the village of Mysidia, where White Mage notices that Chocobo and his companions all have Magicites, otherwise known as Blue Crystals. They then race against her which she afterwards tells them that the world is full of magicite shards, and how it used to be one Magicite Crystal. It was later split into eight pieces by the magician Ming-Wu, because people were fighting over it.

    Chocobo and his companions after hearing this decides to find the eight shards to complete the crystal. They later meet Behemoth who challenges them to a race.When they defeat him in the race he joins them, in which they now are eight in the party. Their Magicite Shards now begin to glow as Moogle happened to have a shard on him all along.They're quest is complete, and their shards now joins and opens the gate to Fantasia, the Land of Espers. There, they meet Bahamut, the king of Fantasia who then challenges to one last race.After the race, Bahamut is impressed by the group's power. He then goes on about the Magicite legend once more. He later notes that humans, moogles, monsters and chocobos came together in goodwill. He then decides that the portal between Fantasia and the world shall remain open.


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