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    Species of large yellow birds used as transportation in the Final Fantasy series. Chocobos have also starred in their own games.

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    The Chocobo is a large fictional bird that appears in the Final Fantasy game franchise. Chocobos are ostrich-like birds that are typically featured with yellow feathers. They are timid in the wild, but vicious if threatened. Players can ride the chocobo's and use them as a source of transportation, and different colored chocobo's allow the player to explore different terrain. Rare breeds allow movement over mountains or water and some can even fly. The onomatopoeia for the sound that the sound the chocobo makes is "kweh", and has also been translated into english as "wark". Chocobos are sometimes featured as summons in some titles, used by a Summoner character to attack enemies.

    The breeding of Chocobos has been featured in both Final Fantasy VII and XI. The breeding system in Final Fantasy XI allowed players to breed a Chocobo to use in races and earn "Chocobucks", a currency that is used to buy items to further breed your Chocobo. Final Fantasy VII is similar, players are required to catch and breed Chocobos in a sidequest, then race them in order to win rare items and Materia.

    Chocobos are featured in almost every main Final Fantasy title (Final Fantasy I is the only exception) and many spin-off titles including the Final Fantasy Tactics series and several spin-off titles such as the Chocobos Dungeon and Final Fantasy Fables series of games.

    Final Fantasy II

    The chocobo made its first ever appearance in this game of which it appeared in the forest south of the Kashuan Keep. It retreats back into the forest once dismounted and can be used later by the player to make a quick escape to Bafsk from near by areas.

    Final Fantasy III

    This is the first appearance of the Fat Chocobo character who can be used as a summon by the player. He stores item when given Gysahl Greens and he can be found in several forests in Saronia. His main abilities are Chocobo Dash and Chocobo Kick.

    Final Fantasy IV

    The chocobo can be found in the Chocobo Forests found throughout the world. There are several types of chocobo in this game: chocobos that travel around the world, ones that restore the MP of the party and others that can fly the player to different locations in Troia. The Fat Chocobo makes his return when the party uses Gysahl Greens at places that smell like chococo.

    Final Fantasy V

    The character Bartz Kauser owns a chocobo called Boco, who is the most famous chocobo character in the series. He is left behind at the Pirates' Hideout for the majority of the game but he rejoins Bartz upon reaching the Third World and is married to another chocobo called Koko and has children.

    Final Fantasy VI

    The chocobo can be rented in numerous towns and stable located throughout the world in this game. These stables are hidden in forests, which makes them the equivalent to the chocobo forest in this game. The chocobo is also available as a summon by Setzer Gabbiani in battles.

    Final Fantasy VII

    The chocobo only appears in this game if the player equips the Chocobo Lure item and encounters enemies situated near chocobo tracks. They can be caught by defeating all of the enemies in the area and fed a green to stop them running away and they can be kept by the player in the Chocobo Stables. They can be transported to the Junon Cargo Ship and it is also possible for the player to breed them to create different coloured ones.

    Appearance and Personality

    Various chocobo breeds
    Various chocobo breeds

    The chocobo appeared in many different colours; although it is mostly yellow there are blue, red, green, brown, black, white and gold versions as well. The chocobo is a friendly creature although it is occasionally found in the wild as an enemy but only attack when it is attacked by the player.

    Famous Chocobo Characters


    Boko, Bartz's traveling companion.
    Boko, Bartz's traveling companion.

    Boko is the chocobo that Bartz Klauser owns in Final Fantasy V and is the most famous chocobo in the series. Boko is left behind in the Pirates' Hideout for the majority of the game, but he rejoins Bartz later on. He is married to a chocobo called Koko and has children with her.


    Choco appears in Final Fantasy IX and he is used to play the Chocobo Hot and Cold minigame. He is first found in the Chocobo Forest by the player by using Gysahl Greens.


    This chocobo, simply called Chocobo, is the player character in the Chocobo's Dungeon series. The player guides him through a series of randomly generated dungeons.


    Chobi is one of the main party members in the anime series Final Fantasy: Unlimited. It first appears in Wonderland with a heard of chocobos led by the Chocobo Sisters.

    Fat Chocobo

    The fat chocobo is a character that first appeared in Final Fantasy III and is capable of storing equipment and items in the game. He can also be summoned by the player by using a Carrot.

    Other Info

    Yoshitaka Amano's original artwork for the chocobo was wildly different from what would become the recurring design of the creature.


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